Tony: It actually takes about 8 hrs. Suunda for example took us two days. It was a Demo. We didn’t know it would later make an instant hit. Ziggy D and Bobby were not playing around in the studio but we encouraged them to go ahead and record the nonsense. Bang! It was suunda! We actually have the video ready. Sshh, don’t tell a soul. Dembe’s video is ready as well and this time round we’re sending them to Central and South Africa. That’s where Fire Base’s headed.

Puzzle: So Tony, are you seeing somebody?

Tony: Yes I plan to get married early next year after an Introduction function to my fiancée on Dec 28th 2003.

Puzzle: So tell me who moves up Fire Base?

Tony: It’s family man. We have artists as far as Rwanda and Tanzania coming out here to produce. But Weatherman, Butcherman, Diznuts. Nana, Mikiwine and Banjoman, Bobiwine(we call him Grandfather).
Producers are Kool cardinal, Davis but most of all our C.E.O Eddie Yawe. Fire Base’s basically Jamaican, Dancehall, and Fire Base dance hall and thus this list of artist. People ought to understand that dancehall is major sound.

Puzzle: Finally Dudes, the festive season’s here. What gift would you like to receive?

Tony: A good flower from my fiancée.

It’s time to leave. “Thanks man” says Washington, “Nuff love” shouts weatherman as Bobi wine’s latest joint blazes away from the metallic gray speakers. “Ring Ring” that’s ma phone shouts Tony. He then jumps from his black leather seat to escort me towards the black gate. The duo then heads back to the lab to manufacturer more solutions to the industry’s symptoms.

Interviewed by the Puzzle