Washington David

Day? Tuesday 16th December, Time? 11:05 am. I am live in the kingdom of the Fire Base Hierarchy to catch up with producers, Washington and Tony, the souls responsible for some of the region’s bingers such as Bam Bam, Funtula, Dembe, Suunda, etc

 Puzzle: So what are your names?

Washington: Man, am simply Washington David Ebangit. My Dad’s Dr. Ebangit and he’s a Pastor as well (meanwhile Tone jumps into the interview room to take his seat with such a friendly smile)

Puzzle: Who inspired you into production?

Washington: Man, that was the group ‘First Love’, especially Nicholas Mayanja. He actually produced my first album at a home studio in Soroti.

Puzzle: Oops! By the way, what schools did you attend?

Washington: I went to Shimoni Demonstration School, Royal Oasis and Eagle Nest for my O and A levels (He passes a hand through his dreadlocks like a superstar)

Puzzle: So when did you join the Fire Base Studio?

Washington: That was late November 2002 through Tony who then introduced me to Bobbi Wine and later Eddie Yawe, the CEO. It’s been a great experience.

Puzzle: Now, while at it, what songs have you produced for example?

Washington: Man, I have had the pleasure of co-producing Bobbi Wine’s Bam Bam, Sunda, Wootoba E.t.c.

Puzzle: And about the P.A.M awards plus the industry?

Washington: I shall say it the ‘nth’ time! The P.A.M awards were not fair. But thank God we still doin’ our thing, plus the media often ignores we people on the board. The producer is always the kingpin!

Puzzle: What’s are the toughest moment while producing Joint?

Washington: Boy! That’s mixing and editing. It’s always a testing moment.

Washington: I actually went to school with Ziggy D at Shimoni. We were in the same class and shared the same seat. He’s a wacky character (He runs to the studio as an Artist calls out his name for Help).

Puzzle: So are you seeing somebody?

Washington: I have a lovely girlfriend. Anything for her if you ask me.

Puzzle: Finally Dudes, the festive season’s here. What gift would you like to receive?

Washington: Just get producers recognized. That’s to precious for me.