Meet Zani  aka Lady Chocolate

Real Name Susan Basemera

After being nominated for the Kisima Awards, the question on every one's lips "Who is Zani?"

Meet Zani is an Artist/Singer, actress and model born in Uganda, sister to Shanks Vivi Dee (hope you can remember him) and she is based in Holly Wood California USA.

She began singing at the age of eight performing in schools, youth centers and church choirs her desire to be a performer at such an early age was inspired by her older brother the internationally well known artist Africa's King of Dance Hall and Hip Hop Shanks Gumaras. Her big break came in 1995 when the late Amigo Wawawa and Amos Agaba of {Schweppes Uganda} invited her to join the world famous band the Waka Waka band it was there after she recorded and released her new singles “Sam Tonjiwanga” and Charles “Yimilila awo” which burned up the local charts and turned her into an over night star her success continued with the release of her second hit album “Nakoowa” in 1997 by this time Basemera had risen so! High that she was asked to headline the weekly star night special four times a week at the prestigious five stars Sheraton Hotel Kampala. that's where the visiting producer and talent Agent Thomas Posa saw her perform and was incredibly amassed by her talent he decided to include her on his team and took her all the way back to the United States so he could mentor her into something better and even bigger needless to say that the experiment was wildly successful beyond any stretch of imagination.

In the US she worked with several producers and artists including Jimmy jean Louis, Janet Jackson, Nelly, Shanks Gumaras King Nat Jr, Ogopa Deejays, Jerry Jackson, Andre Manga, Nguma Lokito, Wikilo, Monitor, Lokassa Yambogo, Longombas , Shanks Jr, Sam vod, Mayamba Mayinga, Vivian Ndouro, Tim kizito, Mbou Gabs, Trent Jackson,,Thump. e.t.c ..

She has also appeared in a number of films e.g. iIdie sleeper hit back yard e.t.c
Her Modeling work appearing in Music Videos, T.V shows,T.V Commercials, and play cover girl e.g. immigrant magazine, African vibes, trends magazine e.t.c .. Her voice appearing on air radio stations e.t.c .. Zani's amassing repertoire boosts a variety of Music styles including Hip Hop, R&B, African Jazz, Dance Hall, Reggae, Soukous, Socca, Raggaeton, Zouk, lets call her a WORLD BEAT Artist this triple threat has a lot to offer she got all you need in an artist.

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