A 2 Zee

Hi 2 all those interested to know about A 2 ZEE and what they got for u here we go now.

Basically the crew was started by 2 steady rappers in 2003 Myscdemous and D'Razzmatazz and they were later joined by 2 more potentials, that is Kemmy and Bebop Star who particularly helped in pulling up the crew with tracks leading to their 14-track album “Roots” which is equipped with rhythmic rap and is yet to be released.

The potential “hip-hopists” are based in Jinja with their brand new project. Though it took them a period of time to storm the industry the A 2 ZEE crew has managed to produce their own music thanks to “RAVENS Inc” which they are currently signed to. Coming up has really been challenging to these young rappers but they have managed to stand with one positive priority. Big thanks go out all big fans out there including O.C and all y'all who have done some to keep the crew going and made it what it is today.

Lot of Love Y'all Catch

With this now blossoming Hip-hop game in Uganda, anything is possible. So many young crews of future Hip-hop stars are quietly busy making their music the way they like to hear it in and not worrying about making commercialized stuff for the sake of selling records and making quick cash. This crew is capable of bringing out credible results if exposed to the 'illest' studio boards, mics and producers in the Uganda. In this urban society already exposed to American Hip-hop, the ground has been softened for A 2 ZEE and other potential rappers.

They've given us two tracks from their forthcoming album and these are 'Can I' and 'Baby Gal'.

Click here to listen to 'Can I'