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Word from Paul 'P-Tech' Mwandha - the Webmaster

On behalf of every one at - Uganda's leading music and entertainment Website - I would like to thank you for all your support over the last three years. It is because of your patience and generosity that we have managed to transform this Website from what it was three years ago to make it one of Uganda's most reliable entertainment information portals.

It hasn't been easy because we here all started as 'music volunteers with belief'. Many people have walked into our humble office at 1st Floor, NIC Building and asked us when we are going to make money but initially, we were more concerned with building a one-stop information 'monster' and because you are reading this page right now, we have probably succeeded.

Certainly, there are many Ugandan portals, which have much bigger statistics than we do but for a music/entertainment website in the third world, I think we have done well. 140,000 hits in a day simply means over 5,000 hits per hour.

This project does not only belong to the webmaster but it belongs to every body who uses it and our role is to make certain that we have a new feature story on a daily basis, which is now easy because of your co-operation.

How it all started

The beginning wasn't easy. When I thought up this idea with my brother and mother, we set out to look for a competent web page designer who was up to the task. The results were that the 'professionals' wanted over 600 dollars to start work but we couldn't sustain that kind of bill for a long time. So we instead decided to learn how to make these pages from scratch. The pages didn't look good at all. Some of you have complained that the pages are very dark and the design team shall look into that.

One of the other reasons why we started this website project was because being artists our selves, we realized that it was very hard to get airplay on the radio and at the same time, Uganda wasn't properly represented musically on the Internet. TV stations have been very cooperative though but getting your song played on Radio Sanyu for instance is probably as hard as getting your website listed on google, and they know it too. Marginalized music genres like Hip-hop and gospel embraced this project instantly and we are trying to reach out to every one. The Internet had proven to be more interactive and more user friendly as compared to other media. This can be demonstrated by your treasured emails, guestbook entries and comments.

Non of us, save for The Puzzle has formal training in journalism but information and communication is part of human nature. The vital thing is being able to communicate and send a message across.

The Moments

One of our best moments was when we organized for Hannipha, one of our regulars who won an online competition to have dinner with Tevin Campbell at the Dolphin Suites in Bugolobi.

Another of our best moments was when Walt Baby Love of The Countdown signed our guestbook! Many of you must have seen that entry. Unfortunately, our worst moment, when the entire website crushed, came a few weeks later and we lost our entire database including emails, contacts and the guestbook too! We had to build again from scratch and we are back to stay. That's a promise. The day we came back we had fewer than 1,000 hits but seven months later, we have hit a peak of 20,000 hits daily.

The People

I'll start from the very beginning: Initially, it was me, my brother David 'Ruffso' Mwandha and Emmanuel 'Buuba' Egwel. David was actually the first webmaster. I learnt everything I initially knew from him. Buuba had very good skills in photography and was a very articulate writer. No body had a particular role. We just did every thing that needed to be done. Buuba and I are members of the same group (Chain Thought Reaxion) and we concentrated on building this project while Moses 'MMc' Sabiiti (another member) spent more time in the studio producing (keep braced for our new album). Buuba has written about 20 percent of the articles on the site to date.

Of all the people I have worked with, no one has been more daring and as enthusiastic as Julie Erusa Nattabi. I know she doesn't want many people to know she's been behind the "mouse, keyboard 'n' monitor" here but we have to give credit to her. She went out to the Kampala jungle for entertainment news.

1 on 1 with Julie Erusa Nattabi - By Jane Musoke Nteyafas

If you are from East Africa, most specifically from Uganda, and are a music lover, then you have heard of Music Uganda. Music Uganda is an entertainment portal...Dr Proppa

 They were very co-operative and gave Julie very good stories. She's also always on time for her work and appointments and no body beats deadlines like she does. She was the postmistress for some time as well 'cause we do receive a lot of mail daily. The good news is She'll be back soon.

Thank you to ICE Uganda at NIC building, Mwandha & Company, Magnet Auto Diagnostics, Steve Jean, Joel Isabirye, Hemdee Kiwanuka, Elvis Sekyanzi, Steven Kavuma, Blackman Uncle Rich, Bush Baby, Buddy Black Cat of Defa International, Phillip Roy, Ben Herson, Lady Di (webmistress), The Mith of Klear Kut, Hon. Nathan Nabbeta, Paul Bagyenda of Digital Solutions, Charlie Mukasa, Pato+, Nelson Kituuka, Peter Mugisha for your treasured assistance in the beginning and every body else (page aint big enuff). You know what you've done for us

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to everybody that visits this site regularly, our clients and advertisers.

"You are the reason why we live'

Yours Truly

Paul 'P-Tech' Mwandha