Actors and Actresses in Uganda

John Segawa

The film industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the entertainment industry. Very many people have contributed to this sector; Music Uganda gets an up-close from John Segawa, who tells us about his journey through acting and his latest movie premiering this week “Once Upon a time”


Mariam Ndagire

One of Uganda's most progressive contemporary female artists, Mariam Ndagire is scheduled to perform in The Bronx, New York later this year. "It will be a great event, the first of its kind when we host the Ugandan female artist MARIAM NDAGIRE and other performers in New York City at CARDINAL ...

Princess Faridah Zalwango Ndausi

Music Uganda recently met Princess Faridah Zalwango Ndausi and she tells us about her love for singing, acting and radio presenting. Faridah born in Muyenga prefers to describe herself as hardworking and confident.

Simon Base.

To many young Ugandan music enthusiasts the Name Simon Base Kalema might just sound strange and to others he might only be known for his hilarious drama roles with Uganda’s most popular theatre outfit the Ebonies, but for those that’ have followed Uganda’s urbane contemporary music industry since its infancy in the early nineties then they are well aware of the name .....



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