Bands in Uganda

Blue Cranes

The Blue Cranes Band Story is one which Started like a Joke and became a real success!!! Bbaale Tegutangirwa Aloysius who was born in Uganda in 1959 left Uganda for Germany in 1991. Don´t ask me why ...

Impala Band

Impala is a UK based Ugandan band that has regular gigs at Eagle and Child in Forest Gate, East London every first and third Friday of the month starting from 8:00 pm till late and at The Classic Club in Tooting Bec, South London .

Percussion Discussion Africa

Percussion Discussion Afrika have come a long way since the band's inception in 1997. These days, there are very few people who can get away with admitting to ignorance of this dynamic group because

The Reggae Black Prophets Band

Was initiated by Rob Prophet A.K.A Mr. Robert Kanoonya in Johannesburg South Africa in November 2007. The group was highly supported by all races hence our managers being Asians, whites and Blacks.

The Strangers

Alan Kisaka has been involved with Christian Music since 1971 in Kampala. He had a group then called "The Revivals" that was one of the pioneering contemporary Christian bands at that time... In fact


U4ria is a new Kampala band that was formed last year by a group of Ugandan instrumentalists, singers and rappers that wanted to feel free to create their music and have all embraced each other's styles to make music which anyone ....


Rhythm & life is a live music and dance production by Qwela in conjunction with dance performers and traditional African music ensemble. “We will play music from our own land Uganda over a fusion of Western and traditional instruments.” The music of Qwela is a socially conscious fusion of African rhythms, melodies with stories and message.



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