Bbaale Aloysuis

Bbaale has come back with a new album titled 'Lwaki gwa Mini'. The title track of this album shares the same name and in it, he asks why everything, including love ins given in minimum. We are in the process of reviewing the whole project but for the time being you can listen to 'Lwaki gwa Mini when you click here

About Bbaale Aloysius

"Bbaale Tegutangirwa Aloysius” is a Uganda musician who started music as a hobby and found himself today in real business! He started singing in 1973 while he was still in S1 at Kasasa Senior Secondary School. He didn’t perform in any band in Uganda, but he decided to continue his singing by joining Church Choirs.

In 1985, he joined the "Evangelical Choir", which sings at the 9 o’clock mass at
"Christ The King Church Kampala", he was there for almost 3 years. He was elected Treasurer of The Evangelical Choir for one year.

In 1988 he joined another choir in the same parish, "St. Joseph’s Choir" which sings at the 08 o’clock mass. He was later elected Chairman of that choir till he left for Germany in 1991.
He continued to work together with other groups in Germany until he started his own band
"The Blue Cranes Band"At the end of 1995 he, released his first album "Volume 1 Europe Ennemye!"
It was his first album but people madly liked it! The first track "Europe ennemye" was more popular in Kampala and it was always played on FM stations especially, CBS and Radio Uganda. CBS decided to choose 2 tracks from that album for advertisement purposes for the National housing & Construction Corporation.


“Europe ennemye” advises all Ugandans living abroad to come back home and build Kampala, which the singer claimed to be the best city in the world! CBS decided to start one of its programs with that song as an introduction! The third track "Tulina okulima!" which was originally sung by his daughter Teddy Nakyajja Bbaale who was 13yrs by that time was the introduction song for another programme also on CBS about agriculture for a long time! Since then, Bbaale has been familiar on Uganda’s FMs and also in Europe and North America. He released his second album "Volume 2 Omugagga muleke!" with 8 tracks in 1997, which was liked by Ugandans living in the Diaspora. At the end of 1998, he released his third album "Volume 3 Nalwaana Ntalo Zange!" which was marketed in both Germany and UK.

In 2003 together with different musicians like, Omuana Isaacs based in Munich Germany, Julie Najjumba based in Heillbronn Germany, Olivia Nantongo based in ... USA, Babra Bogere
based in Kampala Uganda, Sophie Nancy based in Munich Germany, Rosemary Wambui, a
Kenyan girl living in Munich, David Weraga based in UK etc., he released his fourth album "Volume 4 Mundeke Nkyaagale!". This is his best Album so far and in Europe, you can get his CDs in all world of music (WOM) super markets which are found all over Europe

Bbaale has been entertaining Ugandans all over Europe in different cities like, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Heillbronn, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen etc. Most Ugandans living in Germany can’t miss any of his albums, but 75% of his music is sold to the Germans who amazingly like it, even if it’s in Luganda! He usually performs with German Bands singing in Luganda!!!

He can speak fluently and write in 4 different languages: Luganda, English, German and Swahili. In Volume 4 you find one song, track no 6 "Ngenze n´Omukikuyu" which he did together with one Kikuyu girl singing in Luganda, Swahili and Kikikuyu!

Believe it or not, Bbaale is slowly becoming a star. He got a chance to perform on stage with other Ugandan musicians like Titan Takuba in Dortmund Germany and with Bebe Cool, Boby Wine, Ziggy D, Emperor Orlando in London on Easter this year. He is expected to perform on "Ekibbiitu kya Kabaka" in London, on 28 08 04.

Bbaale has worked with many different musicians and this has developed him into a musician without identity; playing mainly his own free style music: In his albums, you can find Reggae beats, Sukusa, Rhumba, Salsa, etc. Because he performs in different cultures, he always makes himself ready for the occasion.

Bbale is about to release his new album "Volume 5" and he is one of the few Rasta men on the planet who doesn’t smoke and doesn’t take alcohol.

He loves Ugandan music and through Internet, he is always up-to-date with what is going on in Uganda. He respects and loves all Ugandan musicians. For Elly Wamala, Afrigo Band, Ronald Mayinja and Geoffrey Lutaaya, he likes their way of singing, and they’re are his best.

As a human being, he has fans and enemies who always try to discourage him, but he always stays strong knowing that God is with him and will help him to keep to his motto:
"NJA KUBA MUZIKA!" which means that he will be always a musician.Performing in Kampala is Bbaale’s dream, which he knows he shall achieve in the near future.

When you are in the UK, you can get his music from,

Ba Mugalu
7 Mitcham Lane,
London SW 16.

You can reach him through
Tel. 0049 821 5899843
Handy 0049 171 4152271

1 on 1 with Bbaale Aloysuis

MU: How has the year 2008 been musically for you?
BA: The year 2008 musically was a successful year!  I managed to release my first video album containing 8 songs. And you can watch some of these videos on You Tube, if you click on;