Bejoms Productions is a Music Dance and Drama Group that came into existence in 1998 in Mubende District.


The initial name of the group was Pigeons whose background I can't tell much for; I was not a member at the beginning. But according to the pioneer Mr. Lugemwa Wilberforce, the group was a band but as time went on, it stood on it's own productions that is; the songs, dances and drama hence the transformation into a 'production'.

'Changes change things' that is, on changing the band to a productions group, the name was also revised carefully with respect to the national conditions. Here the major condition was (and still is) unemployment. The name was then changed with reference to the situation to Bejoms which stands for BE JOB MAKERS.

In the first place, the group had totally nothing concerning equipment and sponsorship at all. The pioneers Mr. Lugerwa Wilberforce, Mr. Mukiibi and a few others state that they could only afford using a bicycle for transport and a low watt radio cassette and were often laughed at as they advertised their shows.

For shows, they were lucky that Mr. Kyomwendo Elijah had brought a keyboard with him from the UK, which Wilberforce could play after a few lessons from Ssebaduka Elisa's 'Casio'. However it was still burdensome for he had to play while singing, something quite hard for a learner to do.

As time went on they continued gaining some advancements in various aspects of show business like live performance, staging etc. Talented people also gained interest and joined the group. Amongst them were people like Mr. Kayiwa Benson, Mr. Ssengoogi Dan, Kigozi Godfrey, (Jeff Miles) Hakim M., Kyagulanyi Paddy, Kyakyo Fatima, Musa W., N. Phiona, Tr. Mutooro and Luke N. the storyteller.

Music is a talent that has long existed in the family for generations. My family members have won admiration from people especially my mother who can still sing excellently. It's the same with my grand parents like my grandfather was a talented guitarist in his youth.

However lack of talent sponsorship in Uganda to me is the reason as to why we never gained prominence in the field. Thus my being a musician is not a surprise to them (family).

Earlier on, I ignored music and did not consider it valuable in any way. I instead preferred football, which I later realised, had a very bleak future, and then I crossed over to music. Truly it is the condition of suffering that put this talent to practice.

Shivianah International was the first club I joined; spent a few months there as I studied stage presentation then later I transferred to J.O.N. Band.

While in the J.O.N. Band I was not happy because my major aim was to have my original compositions recorded which did not happen. Time came when I left the band to join BEJOMS in Mubende where I found a recording deal in plan. I then joined them and began to perform with them. A few weeks later BBEJOMS came to Kampala and Recorded at Tagy Studios with Robert Sseggawa on Kampala road, with great assistance from Action-Aid through Mr. Lukomwa Tadeewo of Buwenkula Project.

The Album is titled 'Sirina Mukwano'

1. Lugemwa Wilberforce Sirina Mukwano
2. Ssengoonzi Dan Abeeriira
3. Kigozi Jeff Miles Mwedde Ku Mpisa
4. Luke N. Baina Orugambo
5. Ssengoonzi Dan Nkulayirira
6. Lugemwa Wilberforce Nkoko Buyiso

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