Bob King

Born in the early 70's in Lodwor islands in Kenya, Bob King never had a chance to live with his parents. Bob was born to a traveler father who had a very short affair with his mother and left her pregnant.

After birth, Bob's mother carried and dumped him in the hotel where the two had meet and honeymooned. This was at the then Economic Club at Sir Apollo Kagawa Road. Bob at the time had his LIFE at the mercy of the employees of the said club. This club was owned by one Kamuru, who after one year of Bob's arrival was declared a rebel by the UNLF. This prompted the burning of the Club that left the employees and some guests dead. Bob thinks his father could have died in the incident. He was rescued by one of the security personnel who handed him over to Mwanga's escorts.

Bob was taken to what he now thinks must have been a prison. There, he stayed for about 16 months after which a one Lutaaya, who he later discovered was a minister rescued him and took him to his home.

Lutaaya claimed to know Bob's parents. He put up announcements, but no one claimed Bob. There, he says he lived like a servant. It was not until a neighbor, who sold Charcoal for a living, carried him to Lugazi where he started living with one Jajja Noveta. Bob admits that he managed to attain a childhood life under her care.

Bob attended school under the sponsorship of Jajja Noveta and finally dropped out at in Primary 4 due to the inability of Jajja Noveta to pay his school fees. At this stage, Bob joined the said "Lugazi Gangstas" who worked in the sugarcane plantation. He worked so hard that he managed to raise U Shs. 6,000 per day for a full lorry load. His budget was divided as follows; a bit for Jajja Noveta, some for his clothes and the rest he saved in anticipation of financing his trip in the search for his parents.

After two years of hard work, Bob set off on his trip. It commenced in Northern Uganda although when asked, he had no reason for why he had to start in that direction. Form there, he crossed to Kenya where he believes he was born. He lived a street life until he begun to realize his talent.

'Music was a talent God left me when he took my parents. If God hadn't given me my talent, how would I have fed?' says Bob. In Kenya, Bob started MC'ing in local nightspots where he earned about 300 Kenya Shillings a night. At this stage, Bob met with 'Members of the United Family of Jamaica" who took him up for simple tasks in their projects. It was not until Bob decided to extend these projects to Uganda that he became an active member.

Bob with his brethren have a natural love for children and intend to spread a message of roots 'n' culture to the Youngsters. Bob says 'I've got a mission and my mission is to fight poverty, illiteracy and to respect black. Fight Babylon and respect Jah!'

He and his brethren currently work under the label, 'Rasta Pastors' with the motto 'Priest Muffins, gang roots world'. They have built a studio that has produced 120 albums of roots and culture music.

Bob respects Jah because he knows 'Rasta is King but Jah is emperor'

As said 'I love to be a child so I will always do it for the children.

You can listen to pieces of his work on 98FM, Green Channel, Radio Uganda from 9:00 pm to midnight, Monday to Friday.