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Up-close with Jose Chameleone

This was probably another one of those hard interviews where in this case Chameleone did like coming to town during the day and as we all know you will never get a good interview.  The stated venue was at his studio located at his home in Seguku  off Entebbe Road. 


Joseph Mayanja a.k.a ‘Chameleone', some people have even gone further to shorten it to ‘Chamili’ (Chameleon, no offence). To most people in Uganda when it comes to music, this is their Michael Jackson. His music is enjoyed by all kinds of people, all ages (I was surprised to find nursery kids singing his songs, some of you have seen it too). Even those who can’t understand the meaning of the words love him too.

Chameleon went to Nakersero Primary School. Later on he headed to Kawempe Moslem for his O’Level and later finished at Progressive. He started his road to fame while in Kawempe. This is how it all began. It all started when there was an open competition to write the School Nation Anthem, he entered and he won the competition. Chameleon started singing in clubs like Club Ecstasy. After this he went to work at Mukono Colline Hotel. This is where actually his background really began. He later on sought for higher clubs e.g. Club Cadillac in Rwanda where he worked as an MC. He sang some of his own songs but they were not yet recorded.

He later on proceeded to Burundi as an MC. This was because he was a good MC and he was on a high demand. He later decided to come back to his country, Uganda and start on his music career. When he came back to Uganda, he started working with Shanks VVD. They recorded a song together called ‘Forgive and Forget’. Shanks VVD later on left for Rwanda and Chameleon was left alone (to decide his fate).

He later on decided to seek bigger studios in Nairobi (the famous Ogopa DJs). While in Nairobi, he linked up with Bebe Cool and Redsun and came up with ‘Mikono juu’, which became a number one hit single on East Africa FM. He wrote ‘Bageya’ and did it with Redsun. This is the song that made Chameleon in Nairobi. It became number one in Nairobi with it being played on all radio stations and discos.

Chameleon released an album called ‘Bageya’ which consisted of songs like ‘Gwe Wange’, ‘Kabwa nango’ and many more. After all this he sat down and wrote what he considered to be his major hit, ‘Mama Mia’. He did not launch this album, and since he had spent so much time in Kenya that he was considered a local, he decided that he should promote it in Uganda, his motherland. He came and promoted it in various radio stations. Here he worked with Alex Ndawula and Dj Rota and this album did so well.

After all this he released ‘Njo Karibu’, an album and it consisted of songs like; ‘Tompitangako’, ‘Saama’, ‘Cyane’ which is in Rwandese, ‘Julie’ and many more. After this he released ‘Dorotia’. It consisted of songs like; ‘Nekolela mali’, ‘Ndio Wewe’ which he did with Halima Namakula and many more. After this Chameleon released ‘Beyi Kali’ consisted of songs like ‘Sauti ya dahabu’, ‘Nawu Mia’, ‘Kuma Obwesigwa’, ‘Julie (remix)’, e.t.c. After this he releases what happens to be his latest album ‘Mambo Bado’ which consisted of songs like; ‘Mambo Bado’, the famous ‘Jamila’ hit, ‘Gwenafuna’, ‘Nkusaba’ and many more. This man has produced songs in that he has started mixing up which song was on which album. Some people believe that Chameleon releases a maximum of 3 albums a year and each is better and hits like… I can’t explain it. He’s that good.

Between all these albums he released Leone Island Volume 1 and 2. It consists of song like of members of Leone Island like Weasel, Lizard, Mr. X, Moses, Chagga, Red Bunton. This compilation consists of songs like ‘Mama Wange’, which Chameleon did with Orlando, ‘Baby Girl’ by Mr. X, ‘Pony Tail’ by Red Bunton, ‘Atufako’ a gospel track by Chameleon, ‘Nsimye gwe’ by Chameleon and many more.

Chameleon writes, produces and markets his own music. Buju Bunton, who introduced him to the works of the Legend Bob Marley and also reminded him that he was African, inspires him. He has also done various tours in places like Seattle, Boston, Stratford Rex in UK (Sources say that he is the only Ugandan artist who has filled that place), Sweden, Dar-es Salaam, Rwanda, Kenya and obviously several in Uganda. His message to upcoming musicians is never to forget their African heritage and always know their goals. His favorite Ugandan musician is General Mega Dee because he hit so hard and slipped off the chart and made successful come back, his same original style in other words he didn’t change his style of music. Ten years from now he sees himself as a big time producer.

Given chance, Chameleon would change the Copyright Law and basically create fairness in the Music Industry. About the PAM Awards he said that the people should be rewarded where they deserve.

Apart from being a musician, Chameleon is also an artist. I had a chance to see some of his works and they are incredibly life like, they capture the essence of their subjects.

Like his name suggests, he is rather colorful with blond hair and flashy dressing. His debut hit 'Mama mia' became so big in the East African region that it almost needed a minister of state to cater for it’s fans! He mainly composes his music in Kiswahili, which is spoken in many parts of East Africa and in Luganda, which is very popular among partygoers in Kampala. It is for this reason that his music has sold a lot in the region, most especially in Kenya where his career was nurtured. His music is so melodious that even those who do not understand the lyrics end up bobbing their heads to the sound. He also made an appearance at the Sanyu FM show at Munyonyo and the crowd went absolutely bananas when they saw him on stage, even before he had done anything. He uses a style that those in the Ragga circles call "ruff neck."

Chameleon released his "Njo Karibu" album in style one Saturday, early 2002 at Sabrinas Saturday with special guest artists like Red Banton helping him to keep the crowd entertained. He organized a full live band to accompany his performance which was quite unique in for a change. He had earlier planned to release this album in London at "Pier one nightspot" with Red Banton but later changed plans. They however managed to make it to the UK and staged various shows for over a month later that year.

Chameleon is set to officially launch his latest 'Mambo Bado' album during two occasions over on Friday and Saturday. The Friday (26th March 2004) edition of the launch is for VIPs and shall take place at the Hotel Equatoria poolside. The very next day on Saturday, there will be a 'Street Bash Launch' at Club Obbligato along Old Port Bell road in Kampala.

The new six-track album features the lead hit track 'Gwenafuna kati' which is already receiving massive rotation on regional radio stations.

The album was produced in his Leon Island recording Studio, which Chameleon owns and manages.

Thursday, January 20th, 2005
 By Steven Tendo

A party at which Jose Chameleon will perform will turn out to be the answer to your wildest dreams. The tension in the air just before the star hits the stage is so evident, you could reach out and cut it with your razorblade. The crowd will be trying to hide the anticipation as the other artistes do their thing. The only reason they usually do not throw an egg or a boo will probably be that they know that after this farce, after the pretentious act, there is going to be a roof raising performance and for that, they will go through any kind of performance.

Chameleon has a stage presence that has not been seen very commonly in these parts. It is safe to say no one can pull a crowd as he can. When he is up o that stage, an objective onlooker will note that what is happening is not an everyday occurrence. It looks like a supernatural being left the home of the deities and pitched camp in East Africa at that moment. And this will happen every weekend.

So, when I meet him for the first time in person, I am awestruck, not because I am basking in the glory of a superstar, but because he is so…human, for luck of a better word. So human because when he comes out to meet me, he is dishevelled and untidy. He is coming straight out of bed and all along, I have been thinking that I am very late and probably, he will throw me out for being a bad timekeeper. When he comes out, he points two fingers at me and shoots, just like we all used to back in the day when we thought it was so cool to be the man with the gun.

But he is ready to dive straight into the interview. This lanky, rough voiced icon of most starry-eyed kids was born in 1978 in a family of seven. He is one of the six boys and one girl born to Gerald Mayanja and Prosy Musoke. “I am the third born in my family,” he says. “Family is and has always been an important aspect of my life.” This is verifiable seeing as he sprinkles the names of his family in his songs. His brothers' names always crop up and it seems like wherever he goes, he wants to take them with him. A case in point is his younger brother, Weasel, who is signed to Chameleon's Leon Island Records and who is a rising star in his own right.

“There has always been the influence of music in my life,” Chameleon states, matter of factly. “Two of my maternal uncles were good musicians. My dad was in a brass band and my grand dad played guitar at home.” Chameleon tells of the thrills that he had growing up with all these ‘artistes' surrounding him and it is not surprising that he went down this road. This is what we would think, naturally but he gives another picture.

“Though I had all this music in my life, my parents were initially opposed to my interest. Like many parents in Uganda, education took precedence over everything else and following my musical dreams was going against their wishes,” he tells me. But fortunately, he won them over to his way of thinking.

When did the musical bug bite him? He looks up as though, he is looking back into the past, a faraway look in his eyes. “ My passion for music started in earnest when I was 13. At that time, Jamaican music was all the rage in Uganda. Artistes like Shabba Ranks were the heroes of every little boy and that strange style bewitched me. At 15, Chaka Demus and Pliers, another Jamaican duo came to town and that is when I realised that they were actually singing in English. That is when I realised that it was not so hard after all.”

Chameleon had his woes developing his music into the well-known, well-loved style that we could die for today. Back then; he would sneak out of the house to go clubbing, thinking he was cleverer than his parents were, just as all of us think at some point in our lives. He would ask for the mic and try out his vocals. His bigger brother Humphrey had a band called Prestige and Chameleon would be seen sweating away, trying to perfect a beat. Never did he dream that one day, these efforts would define a whole new style for the region.

But his guardian angel was probably smiling on him all through this. He joined Kawempe Muslim secondary School and to his consternation, he discovered that the school had no anthem. “Jokingly, I composed one as a response to his brother's dare. This anthem was a hit with the school administration and I won a scholarship to study for free.” He reminisces as he leans back with the air of a man who has just accomplished a big project.

So where did the name Chameleon come from, I ask. “ I have not been called Chameleon all my life. Initially, I was just Jose.

But I realised that Jose was so common; everyone could claim the name and no one could stop them,” he explains. But at about 16, there was an incidence that brought about the change and ironically, the new image was born out of an act of rebellion. “One night, coming back from an illicit dance, I found my parents waiting for me at the spot at the window where I thought no one else knew. Shamefaced and repentant, I was given a dressing down but the one that stuck most was the lecture my mother gave me about the importance of adjusting to my environment. She told me that I had to be like a Chameleon because that is the only way I could survive in the cruel world I was living in. She told me that at that time, the important things in my life included music and I had to be a chameleon; to adjust in such a way that the music did not bring down my world. I had to learn how to control it and not the other way round. My brothers for some reason found it very amusing and they started calling me Chameleon. And I thought it was kind of cool so I decided to take it on as my stage name.” The train of thought is broken by some shouts from the back of the house. The many artistes who are making their mark because of Leon Island are all behind there. It seems there is a minor disagreement that that has exploded into rash words.

Chameleon then tells of his break onto the scene from almost absolute obscurity. His journey started with him getting a bus to Nairobi. “I took that journey with only the shirt on my back and with only Ug sh. 4000 in my pocket. I travelled on a free ticket on the Mawingo bus, sitting in the corridor on a stool because my friend Adam had a relative in the bus company. I travelled with a heavy heart because the one person I thought would understand my ambitions, my first girlfriend had decided to dump me.” The first days in Nairobi where hell. A stranger in a place that was inhabited by suspicious people, he did not know where his dream would stop.

Unlike many other artistes who trek to Nairobi for the simple reason that they feel that they are being witch hunted, Chameleon travelled because he believed that his dream could only come to fruition if went to Nairobi. “Kampala had a few studios at that time and they were very expensive. We had Bava and Kasiwukira as the main studios and they were not producing the music that I had in mind. To come out with an album would have cost me Ug sh. 1m and I did not have that kind of money or that kind of time to wait till I got it. So I decided to split,” he recalls.

His contacts in Nairobi included DJ Mose, who was associated with Kalamashaka, Big Ted, Kevin Ombajo and Red San. Mose was influential in setting Chameleon up with the organisers of Miss Kenya, at which he curtain raised with Bebe Cool and Red san. In fact, this was where he met Red San and it was the start of a very great friendship. Chameleon did not understand Swahili very well and red san took him under his wing and tutored him, in a way. Chameleon had to learn because every time he went out with his friend, he could not hang with the pretty girls because of the language barrier. At that time, Bebe Cool Chameleon and Red San were crashing in very squalid quarters in Kibira.

Chameleon fell out with Bebe Cool while still at this home. “He was the rich one among us and he was rubbing it in hard. He had been in Nairobi for longer and whenever our group went out and made some money, the bulk of it went to his girlfriend. This irritated us. Red san had left his comfortable home to crash with us and even through all this, he stayed on. That is why he is the one person I respect with all my life,” the star asserts.

Chameleon's fortunes changed when he met Gweth, the woman who later became his girlfriend, the famed Dorotia. Walking through the grounds of Carnival, he came across her. He ad seen her earlier on in Uganda. She was working for an NGO and she had seen him at one show back home in Uganda. She went with him to the tiny studio that doubled as the home of the three struggling artistes and she saw the carpet that was their mattress. “Only Bebe Cool had a pillow and Gweth was petrified,” he remembers. “She insisted that I leave that place and move in with her in the plush house she had in Lovington.”

Chameleon's fortunes were rising. Dorotia financed his first hit, Bageya and since then, he has never looked back. But Uganda seemed to have rejected him. “One day, I was in the club in Uganda and Bageya was played. I was dumbfounded. I had not released it in Uganda but it had found its way here. I went up to the DJ and told him that song was mine. He said it could not be. He had got the CD from a friend in Burundi,” he exclaims incredulously.

His music is based on what he is feeling so you could say it is feel – music. “Mama Mia was inspired by my first love, my first heartbreak. She was more interested in money and she thought I could not make it. But even after a year after she left, I still felt the freshness of the wound she inflicted,” he says. “ Jamila was my first crush, my first kiss and my first great fiend. We drifted apart due to changes in schools. She resurfaced in 2000 and I met her in Angenoir Discotheque. She told me she was living in South Africa with an abusive man. In 2003, I met her brother and he told me she had died. I thought about the innocence we had and what we had grown into. I thought about all the good times that we are forced to throw away because the world will not let us keep them as we travel through life,” Chameleon explains in a very pensive mood. All his other songs aim at showing the best way to change the world. They show that it is possible.

And our star is not all about words. He is a humanitarian at heart. The war going on in the north of the country is case in point. With a whole generation living with no sense of what it feels like to live without the constant sound of mortars and bombs, Chameleon and Kawesa, another great musician came up with 3 Hours Away. It is a programme aimed at bringing the reality of the suffering up north to Kampala. They felt that many people had grown insensitive and they did not care anymore. Yet what the person in the north need was the hope that this war will end one day and they will live in peace. “We have decided to do our lot in our small way. We take celebrities to spend a weekend with the children. It is not about sending clothes that matters.”

This artiste has East Africa at heart. “One thing we must realise as entertainers in the region is that there are no boarders anymore. We must work together as one to take the levels of music and entertainment to new levels. That is the only way music is going to be of use to our people in East Africa.” And it is about time that I bade farewell. My time is up.

Chamelone Reloaded unplugged

Up-close with Jose Chameleone

This was probably another one of those hard interviews where in this case Chameleone did like coming to town during the day and as we all know you will never get a good interview.  The stated venue was at his studio located at his home in Seguku  off Entebbe Road. 

Daniella, Abba and Chameleone

Jose Chameleone introduction

Photos By Kayiwa Ahmed of Satellite Studios, Tel: +256-712-834507,

With Chameleone, everything has its own time. He has began the year on a high note first a mega launch next an intriduction. What does he have stored for us?

Jose Chameleone & Nile Breweries blaze Jinja up! words by the puzzle

Last Saturday at the Jinja Agricultural show grounds, Jose chameleon stole the show as he entered the premises. It should be remembered that Jose chameleon is still signed to Nile breweries and seldom shows up at all the company's promotion shows. But that’s besides the story the real story unfolded when Jose chameleon jumped onto the Nile Breweries stall stage. Immediately all the revelers left whatever they were doing to come and catch a glimpse of their star do his best hits.

. .

Daniella and Abba, Chameleone & Abba

Chameleone, Daniella's Illustrious Wedding

Photos By Kayiwa Ahmed of Satellite Studios, Tel: +256-712-834507, Make up By Benjamin M Sempijja of O'leaf : Tel: +256-782-262626, Email:

THE wedding of the year it was; crowds from Mutungo, Luzira, Kitintale and other Kampala suburbs converged at Biina trading centre to witness the wedding of a music star, Jose Chameleone a.k.a Joseph Mayanja to his long time fiancee, Daniella Atim, at Biina Catholic Church. Excited residents started gathering at the trading centre next to the church compound by 7:00am yet the wedding service started at 11:00am.

Jose Chameleone hospital exclusive

We have followed this artiste’s musical career and his personal life for the past so many years, the bad days, the good and the best, today we bring you yet another of his days. A few weeks back Chameleone was sleep-walking and fell off the third flow of the hotel and broke his legs. A lot speculation surrounds this and others not believing that he broke his legs calling it a publicity stunt. Well, here are pictures of his operation.

Get Well Soon Chameleone!!

Chameleone to launch this month

For “Chamili” fans, what a wonderful way to start 2009. Chameleone is set to launch his 11th album, “Ba Yuda” at the end of this month. Chameleone who sustained an injury in Tanzania mid-this month, has then been performing in a wheel chair will soon be performing in clutches on his two feet. The launch is sponsored by Club Beer. It will take place on the 30th at Kati Kati, 31st at Gaba Beach and 1st January in Mukono at Colline Hotel.

Chameleone’s New Year gift for the fans

LAST year, singer Jose Chameleone opened the year with a spectacular concert dubbed Katupakase Heavy Weight. This time round, he is opening the year with a grand concert dubbed Bayuda. The concert is named after his latest title-track Ba Yuda, which has taken up airwaves like wild bush fire! It will be held on January 30 and 31, 2009 at Kati Kati and Gaba Beach respectively.  Chameleone says at the concert, he will sing all his songs from Mama Mia to the current one.

Its Chameleone!! By Peter Allen Kigonya
First things first... What happened on that dreadful night in Tanzania?

Many visitors of write in and ask how come we never feature Chameleone on the site. Although we have written about Chameleone and his successes in the past, and although he has been rather accessible in terms of communication, they are right. We have in some weird way always found it hard to hand-cuff this guy to a wall in order to do an interview with him. At the same time, as the Technical Lead, Chief Editor, Designer and Director of and a few more sites, I don't write as much and for the most part I usually have to assign interviews to writers who are hard to get when you need them.

Chameleone knocked

I was called at 6PM by a friend asking if Chameleone was dead, as usual because I did not know anything the first question was “What happened?”, and he said I asked you to find out and he hung up on me. Later on my boss sent me 3 continuous messages saying “Chameleone rumored dead”. That meant I had to find out.

Chameleone, one of Uganda’s cream artists was knocked by “Meddie" at the Zain House round-about, Wampewo and he was quickly rushed to Kololo Hospital where he is currently admitted. He sustained chest, shoulder and facial injuries thus cannot talk. From the Leone Island camp this is believed to be attempted murder. Chameleone is currently recovering well . Music Uganda will be bringing more information about the cause of the accident and Chameleone’s condition.

Chameleone bounces back by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Last week the whole town was filled up with terror as one of Uganda's finest in the music business Jose Chameleon was involved in a freak accident that almost cost him his life. People, especially journalists stormed Kololo hospital to find out if the Ba Yuda singer had really died as news had it earlier on but to their sunrise, the situation was well under control as doctors were busy attending to him.

Chameleone launches Ba Yuda album by Isaac Ssejjombwe Photos By Kayiwa Ahmed of Satellite Studios, Tel: +256-712-834507,

Clad in a black shirt, black trouser with a black coat and black army boots, Jose Chameleon performed all his songs from his first album to the latest album which has hits like Telina nyiniyo, samwa samwa, nasema nao and Bayuda at hotel Africana last Friday, 30th January, 2009. Accompanied by Leone Island crew members and a full live band, the katupakase artist with a bruised face and injured legs from the two freak accidents he was involved in back then at a hotel room in Arusha and along club Silk recently, was able to prove that he was a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry by singing for nearly three hours.

Juliana, Bobi, Chameleon to accompany Mayinja by Ultimate Media

The Eagles Production’s star singer, Ronald Mayinja is set to stage three album launches in Kampala and Mukono districts. Mayinja will launch his Land Lord album on Friday July 10th at Hotel Africana in Kampala. On Saturday July 11th Mayinja will stage another launch at Collin’s Hotel in Mukono. The last launch will take place on Sunday at Gaba Beach in Kampala.

At Hotel Africana, the revealers will pay 50,000 shillings for high table seats and the ordinary fans will pay 20,000 shillings. The fans, who will wish to attend the launch from Gaba and in Mukono will each pay 5,000 shillings. The Eagles Production star will be accompanied by musicians Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleon, Juliana Kanyomozi, The Obsessions, Amalula Family and Dr. Tee among others.

Mayinja’s Land Lord album has six songs. In the song landlord Mayinja exposes some of the problems caused to people by land grabbers. The album also has two love songs called Kweka (hide) and Londa enumbayo (pick your love number).

Mayinja is known for composing love and controversial political songs. Some of the controversial songs Mayinja has composed include Tulikubunkenke feena (people on political tension), Africa teli ayamba (no one available to help Africa) and Tube kyakulabirako (let us be role models).

Dr Jose Chameleone set for Holland & Germany.

After a year filled with all kinds of atrocities, the self acclaimed “DR”; Dr Jose Chameleone has started his international tours. Chameleone accompanied by his young brother AK 47, will start with off Holland and Germany.  He is well known to command a huge fan base around Europe and they will all be given a treat of their own. He will then be hosted at Cafe De legmeer in Amsterdam, Denmark and Sweden.

Other dates include:

Amsterdam 26/09/2009 Legmeerplein 2, 1422RG Uithoorn.
Copenhagen 02/10/2009. (Venue to be confirmed)
Germany (03/10/2009) Zufur str.17, 90443  NURMBERG.

Click here for more information

Chameleon beaten again Isaac Ssejjombwe

beyond reasonable doubt, this has been Chameleon’s worst year ever in his music career as undetected incidences keep on haunting him wherever he goes.
First he broke his legs after falling off a hotel room in Arusha. Then he was knocked at club silk for allegedly cheating on someone’s wife.

Just last week, the self proclaimed dr arrived late for a musical gig in Gulu and only performed only two hits despite several long hours of his awaited presence at the show. After his disappointing act, Chameleon proceeded to another pub with his entire  Leone island crew members and with force, they ordered several guys off their seats so that they (Leone island members) could occupy them.

To their sheer surprise, all other customers pounced on them leaving chameleon with severe injuries and being admitted at Gulu hospital afterwards. During campus night a club silk last Tuesday, the Vumilia chap put up an appearance with a bruised eye.

Chameleone wanted by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Chameleone is a wanted man after several charges were implicated on him for the use of a gun in his hot new video Vumilia. As we write this, the police officer who is suspected to be the owner is the first culprit to be put behind bars for letting Chameleone use his registered gun without passing through the right channels.

Doing this for the first time, Chameleon thought carrying a gun in his music video would be the best of stunts little knowing of the repercussions that would come up afterwards.

Our sources revealed that Chameleon switched off his phone on realizing that he was a wanted man to answer a few questions concerning the AK 47 weapon in his video.

In the song, Chameleon talks of his musical journey and the hardships he went through back then when he was still an upcoming artist mainly during the times he was in Nairobi.
He goes on and thanks all those people especially Red San, Gagamel and Ogopa Deejays for making him realize his dream of becoming a musician. Chameleon goes on to thank all his fans for the love and the media for their consistent stories.

Chameleon launches “Basiima Ogenze” by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

After being disappointed by R.Kelly during his “I Believe Concert” at cricket oval a month ago, Ugandan music lovers were treated to a successful live musical show by Jose Chameleon at KCC grounds last Friday.

Dubbed Basiima Ogenze album launch, Jose’s concert was every inch related to the R.Kelly show starting with Zain as the main sponsor and Silk Events as the concert organizers.

Self proclaimed Luga Ragga king Rabadaba was the headliner as he worked the crowd with his Bwekili, Mukyamu and Nsula Olunyilili songs. Bobi Wine who had earlier snubbed the concert later changed his mind after realizing the venue was full to capacity and on arriving at the venue, the entire firebase crew members were made to pay 10k each to get access to the show including their President.

Chameleone re-does Basiima Ogenze by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Soon after getting 30million shs from NRM to use his Basiima Ogenze track as their campaigning song in the fore coming Presidential elections next year, Jose Chameleon has released the remix of his best selling song.

The redone version of Basiima Ogenze is in Swahili to enable people from Swahili speaking nations especially Kenya and Tanzania get more familiar with the song as the first was entirely done in Luganda. Apart from transforming the verses in Swahili, there are no other changes in the song as it still holds its message.

However, Rumor has it that President Museveni is in talks with the Vumilia star to release another version of the song in which he’s at least mentioned in one of the verses for his tremendous reign since coming to power in 1986.

Chameleone to represent at world cup by Isaac ssejjombwe.

Singer Jose Chameleon is confirmed to be Uganda’s only representative at the first ever world cup ceremony in South Africa.

Chameleon who’s just recovering from an operation he underwent two weeks back is to become the first Ugandan to perform at the world cup and will have to prove his worth to the whole world through his music.

The Basiima Ogenze star on realizing that artist are vying for performances, sent his proposal, CV and performance DVD’s to the world cup entertainment committee and was acknowledged without any intricacy  because of his musical success.

Alicia Keys, Akon and Black Eyed peas are among the world acclaimed artists Jose Chameleon will be sharing the same stage with come the 11th June at the grand opening.

Dr. Chameleone features on MTN World Cup song

The sky is the limit for him; still representing…Chameleone has featured on a world cup song titled “Everywhere you go”, which happens to be the MTN slogan too. The song features Kelly Rowland, Nigeria’s 2face Idibia, Ghana’s Samini, Cameroon’s Krotal, Senegal’s Awadi, Rola, South Africa’s Jozi and Zuluboy, Kwesta, Slikour. The song was written by Stacy Barthe and produced by Steve Morales.

The song has a fusion of R’n’B and reggeaton. I expected some Luganda in this song nonetheless it’s still a nice song and this time we actually hear a voice of our own

Dr Jose Chameleone to prosecute Grace by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

With just days left for her album launch dubbed “Grace in concert” at KCC grounds, Grace has other issues to sort out first after singer Jose Chameleon is threatening to sue her for using his name without his consent.

As a boost for her launch, Grace has used both print and Electronic media to promote the concert with big names like Bebe Cool and Chameleon among others to beat off competition from the Goodlyf which hasn’t gone well with the Vumilia artist.

Apparently Chameleon in a statement said what justifiable reason should Grace have for him to perform at her concert when she snubbed his?
“But what is more irritating is that she went ahead and promoted her concert using my name without my consent. Infact I’m going to sue her in the courts of law” he added.

If you ask me, I would say Chameleon is just getting back at Grace after rumor circulated that he used Grace’s idea and mental of Kawonawo to come up with Vumilia.

Jose Chameleone & Beenie Man collabo hits the streets.

He is truly one of the most talented artists that we have. His latest project is a duo with Dancehall’s best Beenie Man. The song is titled “How we go” produced by Drain based in Jamaica  and our own Paddy. It was written by both Chameleone and Beenie man. This is basically a song that will get your feet and dance…enjoy the beat. This is how we go…wind to the rhythm and fire with the flow. Not to forget the back-up vocals from Blu 3’s Jackie Chandiru. It’s an mafia generation.


Chameleone to perfom at world cup by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)
30 minutes to the start of the game, our very own Jose Chameleon will be performing to approximately 90 thousand soccer fans in South Africa and one billion people across the globe during the final game of the FIFA world cup.

Chameleon who traveled to South Africa on Tuesday evening will be sharing the same stage with artists like Kelly Rowland, D’Banj, 2 Face, Samini, Krotal, Kwesta, among others.

The vumilia artist is to go down memory lane as the first East African artist to entertain at the world cup which will not only be a stepping stone to his music career but also attract a bigger fan base across the globe.

It is expected that Jose Chameleon will sing some of his top of the charts tracks like “Here we go alongside Bennie Man, “Vumilia” before teaming up with the above mentioned artists in their “everywhere you go” track.
He will also catch a glimpse of the final world cup match between Netherlands and Spain which is expected to be one of the best games ever in that particular tournament.

All wishes for Jose and hope he’ll leave a lasting impression on the globe about Ugandan artists. Now that he’s representing

Chameleone drags Grace to court by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

Singer Jose Chameleon is perhaps one of those artists with a “Never-Give-up attitude.
Just when we thought he had rested his case against songstress Grace Nakimera, Chameleon was thinking otherwise because when we least expected it, he decided to unearth the whole issue of dragging her to court for using his name to advertise her concluded concert at KCC grounds.

Chameleon last week opened up a case against Grace accusing her of advertising him without his consent. He also said Grace is to be a wakeup call for other artists never to mess with him.  “She’s an artist who by now should know the procedure of holding a concert. You just can’t go on advertising a big artist without his consent.” Chameleon said.

However Grace refutes the allegations saying that they only advertised Chameleon after he had agreed to curtain raise on her maiden concert.
“After he had agreed to perform on my concert, we couldn’t meet extra costs of re-running the adverts because he had barked out!” were Grace’s words on that whole issue.

Apparently, the date for their encounter in court is not yet set but one thing for sure Chameleon is willing to take the case as far as possible.

Chameleon represents! By 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

Being the biggest tournament in the world, the world cup came to a climax on Sunday evening with Spain lifting the prestigious trophy after defeating Holland one goal to nil in an exhilarating final.

Amidst 85 thousand people present at the venue and approximately one billion viewers around the world, our very own Jose Chameleon stood tall and did the country proud through his musical performance justifying his position as the best artist in Uganda by far.

Clad in black t-shirt inscribed with a Ugandan flag at the back and a broaden Ugandan word at the front on addition to red sneakers, a black jean and black shades, Chameleon alongside 2Face, Jozi among others sung their world cup song titled “Everywhere you go” with the crowd enjoying every bit of their performance.

Chameleon limited himself to jumping like the rest of the artists after realizing the consequences but the eagerness was evident in his endeavors.

With Kelly Rowland missing from the performance, Chamili was one of the few artists who (stole the show) as Ugandan call it.

However, other notable artists like Shakira and Mafikizolo put up a splendid performance which left a mark on the African continent.

Nabbi releases song

For months she was a topic in the media, her interviews with Titi Tabel TV she became an issue more like series that one would not miss. Questions revolving around her feet and whether she was an animal or even a ghost.  In the song she features Dr. Jose Chameleone and she talks of  God sending her to remove people of their burdens and how she become an issue because of her works. Nabbi means Prophet.

Tuesday, 28th September, 2010

Jose Chameleone’s Basiima Ogenze Boston Concert

The long awaited Jose Chameleon ‘Basiima ogenze’ concert was held Friday September 24th 2010 in Watertown, a Boston suburb to a fully parked auditorium. The event sponsored by Bantu Productions, Radio Uganda USA and UNAA Times saw the return of the artist that many have come to regard as East Africa’s favorite crooner.

Monday, November 01st 2010

Jose Chameleone live on, leone island forever, learn more about the Bingwa wa africa

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Chameleone thumps Weasel by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Goodlyf proprietor and lead singer Weasel was beaten and lost a few teeth in the process after a brawl with his elder brother Chameleone in club Rouge last week during the rock night.

An eye witness confirmed to us that Chameleon flashed the new laser torch he now moves around with in Weasel’s eyes after his Basiima Ogenze track was chosen as the most requested track for the night. In the process, Weasel showed him a middle finger which angered Chameleon to the extent of thumping the “Nakudatta” artist together with his crew members. “After Jose pointed a flash light in Weasel’s eyes, he decided to abuse him that is what caused the chaos in the club. Fighting with other artists is understandable but beating his own brother in public is outrageous”. Our source commented.

He further added that being a full house, people were stepping all over each other running for dear life out of the hangout and people’s property ranging from phones, wallets, money were stolen by some anonymous guys who also kept beating everyone who passed their way.

Jose and the Goodlyf crew members no longer pass as friends ever since the day they left Leone Island crew to form their own camp.
They even further released a track called “Teacher” which is believed to be addressed to Chameleon.

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Chameleone thumps Weasel by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Goodlyf proprietor and lead singer Weasel was beaten and lost a few teeth in the process after a brawl with his elder brother Chameleone in club Rouge last week during the rock night.

An eye witness confirmed to us that Chameleon flashed the new laser torch he now moves around with in Weasel’s eyes after his Basiima Ogenze track was chosen as the most requested track for the night. In the process, Weasel showed him a middle finger which angered Chameleon to the extent of thumping the “Nakudatta” artist together with his crew members. “After Jose pointed a flash light in Weasel’s eyes, he decided to abuse him that is what caused the chaos in the club. Fighting with other artists is understandable but beating his own brother in public is outrageous”. Our source commented.

He further added that being a full house, people were stepping all over each other running for dear life out of the hangout and people’s property ranging from phones, wallets, money were stolen by some anonymous guys who also kept beating everyone who passed their way.

Jose and the Goodlyf crew members no longer pass as friends ever since the day they left Leone Island crew to form their own camp.
They even further released a track called “Teacher” which is believed to be addressed to Chameleon.

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Violence in Music

Music is apparently supposed to be a unifying factor between many people and countries. Beef and Violence have always co-existed together since ages ago… there is undoubtly nothing we can do… if there was; I guess 2 Pac would still be alive.
On Friday morning facebook subscribers and some areas in Kampala saw posters dubbed “Lets Unite against Chameleon’s Violence” Later on Friday evening… mobile phone subscribers were treated to text messages from the Goodlyfe and the Leone Island camps.  Whether the messages are from these camps that is yet to be proven.

Chameleone: For da past couple of yrs I’ve acted immaturely. I know. I’ve let down many of my fans & friends. I’ve hurt fellow artistes, promoters and my family. Am very sorry.

Gudlyfe: Weasle & Radio apologize that we have acted immaturely & ashamed our mentor Chameleone. We have let down many of our fans, friends and promoters & families. We r sorry

Gudlyfe: Weasle ne Radio twetondela abawagizi bafe  mwena, lwokubayingiza muntalo zafe. CHAMELEONE mukulu wafe. Tubasuubiza obutamuwebula. Bwetudamu Mutukyawanga. We luv u Dr. (Meaning; Weasle and Radio apologize to all their fans for bringing them amidst their wars. Chameleone is our older brother and they promise not to persuade him again. If we do please hate us)

+8888: Kigambibwa nti Gudlyfe yetondedde mukulu wabwe Chamili abasonyiwe era nga bayise mububaka bwasimu okumwetondera. Ekyebuzibwa Chamili anakiliza okubasonyiwa (Meaning; It is said that Gudlyfe have asked for forgiveness from their older brother Chamili to forgive them and they have used the phone as a means of communication. The question is will Chamili forgive them)

(DISCLAIMER: All content provided in this article was sent through text Messages and has been provided to you like it has been sent in the text messages)

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Goodlyf get even with Chameleon by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Following the clash between Chameleon and his little brother Weasel from the Goodlyf camp, that saw both of them ditched from club Rouge till further notice due to the chaos they caused at the Jinja road based club.

The Goodlyf headed by Weasel and Moze Radio printed over 5000 posters all over town that read! “Let’s fight with hits not fists. let us unite to stop Chameleon’s violence.”

The following evening, Chameleon sent his guys to pluck down all the posters and on learning this, the Goodlyf we’ve been informed are this time printing Flyers that they’ll distribute to people on various functions.

“If the flyers fail as well, Radio and Weasel will set out a drive around the city delivering the message of how they are bringing Chameleon down.

Chameleon is one artist who’s had wrangles with almost everyone in the entertainment circles starting off with artists like Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Vampos, Goodlyf, Grace, Ragga Dee among others.

However, Chameleon claims that he slapped Weasel to discipline him. “I slapped my brother to discipline him for taking long to visit our parents. People say Weasel lost his teeth but if someone can open bottles using their teeth then how can a simple slap remove his teeth? This matter is a family business.” Chameleon said. This is a battle that cannot be solved with hits it’s clearly a family matter between the Mayanjas.

Friday, February 11th 2011

Jose Chameleon gets BMW and 80m from Meddie by 1544c Ssejjombwe. 256 782233273

Chameleon is perhaps the best East African artist going by his success in the industry for the past 13 years and is also believed to be one of the richest for that matter but every one was awestruck by the incident at Kati kati restaurant during the “Battle of the champions”.

A new flamboyant tycoon by the names of Meddie Ssentongo gave singer Jose Chameleon a BMW convertible car without any clear reason. “Here is my gift to you. And please call me tomorrow for the card of the car.” Meddie was quoted telling Chameleon. Before that approximately two weeks back, the same guy gave Chameleon a whooping 80 million shs to take care of his problems.

Meddie’s source of income is still a mystery but reliable sources say he’s loaded because of his woman’s wealth.

He owns a fleet of cars including a spot Range Rover, BMW’s, Tundra among others and is the same guy on the posters pinned on Kampala streets reading “Big Meech, blown money so fast Meddie.” with his cars. To add to this, he has just acquired a silver grey Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Model 2010 and personalized it to MEDIE 10 before he gave out MEDIE 3 to Chameleone.

The relationship between Meddie and Chameleon has been on rocks after the former accused the latter of cheating on his wife and

Saturday, March 05th. 2011

Chameleone, Bebe reconcile by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Following his outrage over Chameleon’s teaming up with Bobi Wine in the “battle of champions” at kati kati restaurant at the beginning of the year, Bebe Cool decided to settle his differences with Chameleon for the betterment of the music industry.

This was at Museveni’s victory party held at kololo airstrip when both artists were invited to perform for the thousands who had turned up.

The two artists were seen hugging and shaking hands after almost two months of not Seeing Eye to eye because Bebe had branded Chameleon a hypocrite for teaming up with his worst enemy Bobi Wine.

“The guys seemed like they were missing each others because of the way they were cuddling. it was as though they were catching up on lost time.” An onlooker narrated to us.

But unfortunately, Bebe was involved in a fist fight with his former aides and group members Eighton and Rainman of the Kiwoko fame during the evening.
The cause for the fracas isn’t yet established but we will keep you posted as we get more details.

Tuesday, May 03rd, 2011

Dr Jose Chameleone, Jackie Chandiru, AK 47 & DJ Aludah set for Eritrea

The sky is the limit for these artists. Jose Chameleone, Jackie Chandiru, DJ ALudah and AK 47are going to represent Uganda in Eritrea for the 20th Independence Anniversary Musical Extravaganza in Eritrea. The Anniversary will take place from 14th May 2011 to the 24th May 2011. There will groups such as Planet Awards winner Africa Umoja from South Africa, Fulani from Germany, Ahmed Al Reyah from Sudan and others.

Read more about the Event.

The 20th Independence Anniversary Musical Extravaganza in Eritrea

Eritrea, the youngest African Nation achieved Independence 20 years ago in 1991, after a bitter 30-year long armed struggle. Eritrea fought and won the liberation struggle without any external help. Eritrea’s population of nine ethnic groups divided equally between the two religions of Christianity and Islam live in exemplary harmony and respect. Eritrea’s mountainous landscape and its modern art deco capital are a tourist’s delight.

Wednesday, June 08th, 2011

Chameleon changes stage name by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Chameleon is one artist who will never seize to amuse us. When we think he’s run out of ideas, he bounces back and does things that will make everyone talk. The singer we can confirm has added figures to his name thus becoming chame000,000. Chameleon real names Joseph Mayanja has had a variety of stage names like Heavy weight, Dr, Proffessor, Atagejja, Atakogga among others but promises to stick to the new names.   Chameleon adopted the new name two months back but only started using it in his latest “Owakabi” video. So if anyone happens to come across Chame000,000, just know it’s the original “Katupakase” singer.

Wednesday, August 03rd, 2011

 “Mukisa gwo”, Chameleon’s new track 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon is one artist who has seen it all in the music industry. He has won numerous accolades, has had successful tours and album launches not forgetting the attacks, accidents and fights he’s gone through. He has just released his track called “Mukisa gwo” and to me this song deserves to big among the nominees in the song of the year category in PAM Awards going by the musicality in it, the lyrical content and the message delivered. Recorded by Paddyman, “Mukisa gwo” is an afro song encouraging people to work hard and not to ride on other peoples luck. He draws comparisons with a biblical story of how Kane murdered his own brother Abel because of selfish and jealous interests. The video too is catchy and one interesting factor about it is the way Chameleon brought out the script. In one of the shorts, the “Vumulia” artist is disguised as a mad person clearly portraying the hardships people go through from riches to rags. The video was shot and directed by Superstar 1488 and the song is a typical Chameleon style, just like “Jamila”, “Katupakase” among others.

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Chameleone turns to Islam

He is considered by many as the most creative and most talented artiste in the Ugandan Entertainment Industry. His latest move left many wondering what is next and his reasons for converting to Islam. On Friday 12th August in the company of fellow musicians Haruna Mubiru and Ssekamatte both of Eagles Production, Jose Chameleone went to Kibuli Mosque and converted to Islam. He later changed his name to Jafal Gadaffi.  Ideally everyone has the right to worship.. Whether Catholic, Protestant or Islam the God is the same…His reasons for conversion are however best known to him, to many this is being referresd to t as a public stunt and the unanswered question remains will he be able to follow the norms of Islam. And the million dollar question What Next???

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Jose Chameleone Opens Up

Who is Chameleon?
Chameleon is a self made and his own boss who l work for loyally and the best of me. And Chameleon loves God because he provides everything to him and more so he protects his family.

Tell us about your musical journey?
It was not easy making it and there is nothing free up to today and to me music is a business where l had all my passion and belief that l will make it whatever the obstacle so in 1995 l meant Sharks Fifid ( by then he was the biggest star) who introduced me to the music industry. He so much encouraged me to be more constructive and original and l used perform with him on most of his shows. In 1999 he shifted to London so l had to stand alone that’s when l decided to go Kenya under Ogopa Dj’s to make the first single of mine “Mama Mia”

Click here to read more about Chameleone

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Chameleon now back to being a catholic by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Singer Jose Chameleon’s conversion to Islam has gotten into problems. First his Dad disowned him and then Daniela Atim who happens to be his wife and the mother of his two kids packed her belongings with both Alhpa and Murcus Abba Mayanja to her uncle’s place in Mutungo. 
Daniela’s catholic priest uncle Fr. John Scalabrini revealed that they would not just look on as their daughter Daniella, wedded in a Catholic Church in 2008, could be married to man who turned to the Islamic relligion. He further said that he wants Chameleon to attend the forthcoming Sunday services at Binna cathedral where they wedded to denounce his new Islamic faith and drop his new names so that his now estranged wife Daniela could be allowed to go back to Seguku.
Thursday the 18th of August, Chameleon decided to surrender to all the pressure and returned to being a catholic after just five days in Islamic. He even posted on his facebook wall that “I Joseph Mayanja, son to Gerald Mayanja and grandson to Henry Lule decided to return to my former religion of Catholicism with effect today”.
However, critics still believe that this is just a publicity stunt to hype his concerts because Bobi Wine’s weeding has been getting all the headlines. But the problem here is that Muslims are also promising to work on him for they expect no one to make a fool out of their religion especially in the holy month of Ramadhan. “Chameleon should have joked about something else but not the Islamic religion. We are going to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget”. Said one of the sheiks at Kibuli mosque.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Chameleone Foundation

CFO is a voluntary organization; Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Which is not for profit making, but formed to focus on the welfare of the underprivileged talented youth and children in Uganda.

Objectives of the organization

  • To promote the social welfare and development of unprivileged youth.
  • To promote skills and talent for the underprivileged youth/talented youth.
  • To provide education, shelter, clothing and other basic needs of life to unprivileged kids.
  • To design comprehensive plans that. will enhance co-operations between local and international organizations, groups, clubs, bands, companies

Friday, September 02nd, 2011

Bebe - Chameleon beef  by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

It has come to a point when I have to say that these artists are just playing on our minds. One minute they are friends and throwing praises over each other, the next minute they are fighting in public. Info doing rounds is that Jose Chameleon attacked self proclaimed “Big Size” Bebe Cool at club Rouge last Wednesday.
It is said that the scuffle started when Bebe accused Chameleon of being a hypocrite due to the fact that he was going to attend Bobi’s wedding. The “Vumilia” artist in the process punched Bebe on the jaw and moved out of the club. An angry Bebe started saying all sorts of things about Chameleon before he moved out to go after him.
“I cannot believe Jose Chameleon entered rouge & started fighting me his maker after all I have done for this chap now I accept a lost chap is a lost chap, I will never protect Chameleon again. He’s looking for the front page more than advice to you Chameleon is sing music coz I’ve got a lot in stock watch your skin.” Bebe posted on his wall.
On the other hand, Chameleon said on face book that “You are not even ashamed to declare me an enemy because I am going for Bobi’s wedding? Bebe style up. We are not as young as yesterday. Shame  on your Mouth and jealousy deeds.” Replying  to Bebe’s comments.

Monday, September 05th, 2011

Chameleone “Mukisa Gwo” Launch

The past weekend 02nd – 04th Sept 2011 Chameleone launched his Mukisa Gwo album. Accomapanied by fellow artists like Ragga Dee, Eddie Kenzo, Jackie Chandiru, Ragga Dee and his brother AK-47, Chameleone performed hits like Dorotia, Daniella, Going on, Basiima Ogenze, Bomboclat, Bayuda and many more. He also paid tribute to the Late Mc Jimmy while performing Basima Ogenze. He later critized the media companies like New Vision and Monitor for refusing to promote his launch and thanked Red Pepper and the rest that offered any sort of help.
My honest opinion, Jose Chameleone is one of the best live performers that Uganda has produced and thus a legend.

Click here to listen to Mukisa Gwo

Friday, September 09th, 2011

Chameleon attacks the media at his “Mukisa Gwo” album launch by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

“If you came for the album launch, it’s finished but if you came for music experience, then the show has just started.” This was a statement Jose Chameleon made soon after he had finished performing “Omukisa Gwo”. This was during the launch of his long awaited album “Omukisa Gwo” that took place at Africana people’s space last Friday. The controversial artist also made it a point to launch series of attacks at the media for their role in tarnishing his name. “I’m Africa’s number six and no one can stop me especially the media. Writing negative articles about Chameleon in a way destroy the music industry because I’m no longer looking for fame coz I’ve done it all that needs to be done by any international artist.” He said.

With clashes against fellow musicians Vampino, Weasel and Bebe Cool recently and then the sudden switch to Islamic before returning to Catholicism, the “Basiima Ogenze” artist was at the centre of headlines in most papers, radio and TV Stations. Clad in a red trouser, black shirt with a red necktie and a black jacket, the artist performed songs off his recent album including “Owakabi”, Movie star”, Daniela with Papa Cidy and many more. After “Omukisa Gwo”, the artist took his audience through his music journey with songs like “Beyi Kali, Katupakase, Mama mia and Vumilia” among others. Ronald Mayinja, Eddie Kenzo, Jackie Chandilu, AK47, Catherine Kusasila are the rest of the curtain raisers at the concert that had people below Chameleon’s standards attend.

Click here to listen to Mukisa Gwo

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Why Chameleone falls out with his back-up singers

By Vision Reporter

Ever since singer Jose Chameleone aka Joseph Mayanja kicked off his singing career, the horse-voiced and pencil thin Ugandan afro-beat musician, has had several talented back-up singers. However, these back-up singers have had problems with Chameleone; all of them quit his crew known as Leone Island; but on bad terms.The first back-up singer to quit Chameleone’s crew was Geofrey Kyagambidwa aka Chagga Yaga, who is a song writer and a talented vocalist. Chagga helped Chameleone so much in the days when he was the undisputable top Ugandan singer. Unfortunately, Chagga was dismissed and separated from Chameleone, badly. The two fought badly and up to-today, they are adversaries.


Monday, 09th January, 2012

Chameleon to solicit money for “Valu Valu” video by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

He has done everything to substantiate his stage name “Chameleon” but we never thought it would come to a point when singer Joseph Mayanja would implore his fans get him money to shoot the video of his recent track “Valu valu”
To prove how big he is in the music industry, Chameleon said he’s going to let his fans shoot the video for his recent track. “I’m going to let my fans meet the costs for the “valu valu” video shoot. I’m going to give out my MTN line which will be used for all contributions. My fans will be deciding who will be shooting the video and every penny will be used efficiently. I believe this is going to be the most expensive video ever.”He said this in an interview on one of the radio stations.
We are yet to find out if the “Vumilia” artist is running broke or it’s just a strategy to prove that his fans are loyal enough to shoot him a video.
“Valu Valu” was recorded in Swahili and Paddy Man, just like most of his songs is the main producer of this track.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Chameleon to launch next month by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

If it wasn’t for his naive character, I believe singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon would be among the top five artists in Africa. Forget this info that he’s Africa’s number six but regardless that, He’s one of the best artists to grace the industry. The “Mukisa gwo” artist, we’ve leant, will be holding his “Valu valu” album launch at Africana people’s space despite the fact that he only has one song so far on the album. The date for the launch hasn’t yet been established but it’s believed the event will be taking place in the third week of the month.

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Chameleone In Samsung Deal

The year 2012 is so far so good for Jose Chameleone. His Valu Valu concert slated for Mar 02 has been bought by music promoter Balam Barugahara, his lovely wife Daniella Mayanja gave birth to their first daughter Alba SHYNE Mayanjaa few days back and more is yet to unfold. Just recently we told of how his customized phones were in the offing now the latest information before us is that Jose Chameleone has got the Samsung deal similar to that of Didier Drogba. The deal will commence in April. This is the same team that is planning to brand a phone in Chameleone's name. Jose was chosen based on his popularity.

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Daniela gives birth to baby girl by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Daniela Atim, Chameleon’s wife gave birth to their second born at Nsambya hospital on Wednesday morning. Chameleon was planning to fly Daniela to the to the UK where he was expecting her to give birth but his plans met a dead end as the baby came sooner than they expected. The baby girl has been named Alba Shyne Mayanja and follows Alpha Mayanja who is their first born. Already, Chameleon has a girl from his previous wife known as Dorotia. The “Vumilia” artist had earlier bought a BMW X5 for Daniela as appreciation for being a wonderful wife and mother. Meanwhile, Chameleon has gotten a multi million Samsung deal that will see him doing adverts for the company starting April this respective year.

We are also reliably informed that Samsung is considering branding one of their phones using Chameleon’s name in a strategy to improve their brand across East Africa because he’s one of the biggest artists in the region.

Click here to read more about Jose Chameleone

Click here to listen to Jose Chameleone's Music

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Chameleon collides with Chris Evans by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

I guess one of my wishes has been turned down after I came across info that upcoming artist Chris Evans is slated o tussle it out with Afro Beat artist Jose Chameleon in this year’s battle for supremacy come the 2nd of next month. Both artists will be launching their albums on the same date with Chameleon having “Valu valu” while Chris Evans will be outing “Mulungi” at club Obligato. Balaam who is behind Chameleon’s launch had earlier planned to hold “valu valu” concert on the 17th or 24th of February but decided to push it to the 2nd after confirming that Chris Evans was launching on the same date.

“I first postponed my launch from September last year on hearing that Chameleon was also going to launch “Mukisa gwo” in the same month but just last week, Balaam called and asked me when I was planning to have my “Mulungi” album launch and after confirming that I was going to have it on the 2nd of March, he (Balaam) decided to push Chameleon’s “Valu valu” from mid this month to the exact date I’m going to be launching. When I asked him why he has decided to do so, he said I’m still an upcoming artist who wouldn’t want to be involved in Chameleon’s way.” Said Chris Evans in tears.

He added that there is no way he’s going to push his album launch for the third time just because of Chameleon and that no matter what comes out of his Launch, he’ll be satisfied that at least he’s stood up for what he believed in. Meanwhile, Ballam has in a twist of events changed the venue and charges for Chameleon’s concert from Africana to Kyadondo rugby club. This time round, people will part with 10,000 and 30,000 as the entry fee unlike previously when it was 20,000 and 50,000 respectively.

Click here to read more about Jose Chameleone

Click here to listen to Jose Chameleone's Music

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Chameleone phone is here

Just recently we told you of how Chameleone was into things after landing a Samsung deal that would see him appear on their billboards plus other TV and Radio adverts. That was not all, a mobile cell phone named after him was to be launched too. Confirming the technology in him just like one of his tracks dubbed Chamili Chamili Technology, he unveiled the phone that is likely to be given to lucky fans during the Valu Valu Concert. The year 2012 so far is just amazing for the East African music giant. A few weeks back, his wife Daniella Mayanja gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and to this he upgraded her car from a black Toyota Harrier to a Black BMW X5 series as a gift. Way to go!!!

Monday, March 05th, 2012.

Valu Valu Launch

In a place filled with sad memories and people fearing both entering to attend and holding any kind of event here, Chameleone filled it to the brim and have not seen this place filled like this.  When it comes to Chameleone one expects to get the true definition of entertainment. Chameleone performed hits from all his past albums like Mama Mia, Nekolela Maali, Katupakase and many more.  He praised the women in life his Mum, his wife Daniella Mayanja and not to forget his newborn daughter Alba Shyne Mayanja. He also launched his self dubbed phone Chameleone Mobile which will be on sale from 23rd March 2012. Not to forget Chameleone was helped make this day successful by fellow artists like Eddie kenzo, Jackie Chandiru, Navio, Rabadaba, AK-47, Ragga Dee, Big Time and Papa Cidy

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Monday, May 07th, 2012

Chameleone mobile launched and goes onto the market

By Sandra Birungi

After succeeding in the industry of music, Dr. Jose Chameleone, one of Uganda’s best male artists has branched into the world of business and has launched a mobile phone called Chameleone mobile phone.
The phones went for sale last week, Thursday after launch at Guvnor which saw many people flock the club for the launch. The first batch of phones has already been put on sale and Chameleone phones are now available at a shop owned by the musician’s brother Humphrey Mayanja, Freecom telecommunications formerly known as Ham GSM shop. The shop is found at Ivory Plaza in Kampala. The phone SD Memory card, long battery life. Mp3 player and internet radio.
With a wide fan base inside and outside of Uganda, Chameleone’s phone deal seems to have attracted a lot of attention from neighboring countries Rwanda and Sudan who have already placed orders for the phones to be sold in the two respective countries.
Promoters from South Sudan and Rwanda have placed deals on the Chameleone phones to sell in the two countries. “He has already linked up with interested market lenders in DRC Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi and he will need tens of thousands of phones to be able to reach the East and Central African region,” a source said of the Chameleone mobile phone deals.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2012

Chameleone to perform in Wembley Arena

With his achievements he is considered the Michael Jackson of today’s Uganda, in Africa he is rated among the best artists. This August, Chameleone will hold the Ugandan Flag high in Europe. The show dubbed Africa Unplugged will feature both Jose Chameleone alongside Cabo Snoop. It is also set to be the biggest African festival ever. The is brought to you by Talent on the 27th of August 2012 )Bank Holiday Monday. The show will start at 5:00PM and end 11:30 PM.

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Monday, July 02nd, 2012

Musicians are not tax exempt by Herbert Ssempogo

Days after musician Joseph Mayanja a.k.a. Jose Chameleon received a sh14m tax invoice from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), he was enraged. The invoices were in respect of the performances he held from December 2011 to March 2012. Chameleone wondered how the revenue collectors computed them. "My voice is a natural gift from God, why do you want me to pay for my voice?" a vexed Chameleone wondered. However, all citizens worldwide have obligations to the state. One of them is paying taxes from which revenue is generated for provision of infrastructure and social services. A person, who earns an income and fails to pay taxes, breaches a constitutional obligation. Taxes could be direct, that is, pegged on income like Pay As You Earn or indirect like Value Added Tax (VAT) paid whenever an item is purchased.

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Monday, July 09th, 2012

Chameleone Performs in TZ after four Years

Uganda's music heavy weight Jose Chameleone was yesterday performing at Saba Saba National Stadium in Tanzania doing most of his hits but the crowd's favourite was Valu Valu. The last time the star was in Tanzania was four years back in which he sleep walked from the third floor of Impala hotel in Arusha breaking his legs.

The star will be in Rwanda on Jul 14 at the Amahoro Stadium and on the 27 and 28 July, he will be in Democratic Republic of Congo. Early August, Jose Chameleone will be in South Africa and on the 27 Aug, the star will be representing Uganda in the Africa Unplugged show with Cabo Snoop in Wembley London.

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Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Dr. Chameleone camps at the Tanzanian High Commission

The end always justifies the means.

This was Chameleone’s first trip to Tanzania ever since his accident. After reminding them why he is the heavyweight with a performance that will always be remembered, all did not end well for the doctor. His passport was taken by someone claiming to have paid  him for a show and did not appear. In his defense, Chameleone said that that he has never received any of that money and does not know anything about the show.
After a night out, Chameleon camped at the Tanzanian High Commission from the wee hours of the morning. With a mattress, tea, a guitar and billboards this shows a man who was ready to go to war. He was soon joined by fans that even had the chance to enjoy a free live performance of Valu Valu and other songs. Like the article begins “The end always justifies the means”, the gentle man made his point and got his passport back, packed and delivered at the state house.
Many promoters always want to use the short cut to get artists for performances or to attend shows.They end up paying people who claim to know the artists and thus end up helping them solve their own problems at the expense of the artist’s name. Whoever got that money, made a quick killing. Am sure many artists have fallen victims of this. Well I guess this is lessons learnt to both parties.

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Chameleone apologizes to fans, set for Manchester

Apologies to Dr Jose Chameleon fans and those who turned up at the Wembley Arena for African Unplugged, time got against the event where Fally Pupa, Ashawo, Mic-inity and Uganda’s Chameleone couldn't perform as time was up for the event....technically. The organizers had 20 big african artists but the time was not enough.
Dr Jose Chameleone is set for another show in Manchester on the 31st of August 2012 at Club V20 Former Park Nite.  The show will begin at 7PM and end at 4AM

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Monday, 24th December, 2012

Jose Chameleone & Konshens Collabo “Street Credit”

With a few days left to end 2012, Dr Jose Chameleone sends a snippet of what he has in store for his fans in the year 2013. His latest collabo called Street Credit featuring Jamaican based Konshens. The recording was done on very short notice from a mobile studio at Serena hotel. The two made the deal on their way from Entebbe to Kampala. It was there that also AK47, Chameleone’s young brother, also convinced Darrio, Konshens’ main support musician, to feature his new song Ghetto Love. Konshens praised Chameleone, calling him the cream of Ugandan music and later declared him Africa’s finest

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Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Chameleone to launch

Come April 26th all roads will lead to Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. Dr Jose Chameleone will be yet launching another album dubbed “Badilisha”. Jose Chameleoen  said, “When an individual tries to lift themselves above others, they are dragged down by the mass, either by ridicule or slander… but rest assured, truth is the best vindication against slander & the truth is that on 26th APRIL 2013,” On the 27th April he will be at Mukono Colline Hotel and  on the 28th at the Resort Beach in Entebbe.

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Chameleone talks about Badilisha, Karamagi and his wealth ranking

Singer ‘Dr’ Jose Chameleone has invited all artistes to Kyadondo rugby grounds to see what he called “a music tsunami”. He says this Badilisha launch slated for April 26 will be all about celebrating a passion and not a job. And Chameleone is a man who knows a lot about passion for the art. In the less than two decades he has been on the Ugandan music scene, he has managed to stay relevant and rise to become arguably Uganda’s best singer in the last 15 years. “Those who take music as a job are those who don’t want to end wars, but the world has moved on to where they only appreciate the best,” says Chameleone, who said he brought life back to Kyadondo [after the July 2010 bomb blasts, he was the first to organise a massive show here].

Sunday, July 07th, 2013

Uganda’s Chameleone to perform in Zambia

OP Ugandan musician Joseph Mayanja aka ‘Jose Chameleone’ is expected to arrive in Zambia in August for a string of live music performances. Chameleone, who shot to firm after his first single Swahili-hit titled Mama Mia, has a large following in his home country and the East African region, where he has held a number of performances. Also known as ‘Doctor’ in Uganda, he normally pulls large crowds at his music concerts and is rated highly among contemporary musicians. Chameleone has so far performed in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and South Africa and among Ugandans based in the United States of America.
Concert organising committee spokesperson Shezy Maimisa said Chameleone is eager to perform in Zambia alongside his counterpart Leo Moyo, whose stage name K’millian is a sound alike. Other supporting artistes are Danny Kaya, MC Wabwino and Afunika, among other local acclaimed singers. Maimisa, who is Dynalab International Zambia country co-ordinator, said her company, alongside Apple Max and Southern Sun Hotel are the main sponsors of the show.“The music show also goes beyond entertainment. We want to unite Zambians and Ugandans on a musical note. Zambians listen to a lot of Congolese music and we feel it is also time they started sampling and listening to East African music. We have certain common cultures and similarities with Ugandans… We are convinced that his music will have the same level of appeal in Zambia,” she said. She said Chameleone’s music attracts and has an appeal among both young and old revellers as it is melodious, danceable and highlights real life issues. And show organiser Khuzwayo Maimisa appealed to Zambians to turn out in numbers at Chameleone’s shows saying “music has no boundaries”. The music shows are scheduled for Lusaka’s Polo Grill on August 2 from 19:00 hours till late, with charges pegged at KR100 per head, Government Complex on August 3 and Barclays Sports Complex, the following day, where charges are set at KR200 and KR70, respectively.
The show at Government Complex will start at 19:00 hours till late while the Barclays affair is meant for the family from 10:00 hours till late.

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Friday, October 03rd, 2013

Chameleone Defies Doctors

This was against his doctor's advice to shelve gigs for some time. And now it is feared the Vumilia singer could miss multimillion international concerts. Chameleone is scheduled to perform in Dubai, Angola, Sierra Leone, Amsterdam, DR Congo, Kenya, Australia, and Sweden before the end of this year, but there are fears all these shows could be cancelled following medics' advice for the singer to have a two months' rest. In 2008, Chameleone fell from a fourth floor hotel room in Tanzania, ending up with metallic rods in both legs. But due to his hectic schedule that has him naturally working on his feet, the metal is said to have slipped from place and caused pain and swelling, sending the singer briefly back to hospital and onto crutches. Clearly, he is not about to slow down: "I cannot sit back; music is me, so I will do it until I cannot do it anymore."

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Chameleone To Curtain-Raise For Busy Signal

Booking agent Suudi Lukwago is in talks with the music doctor to add his weight to the Busy Signal concert slated for Dec 6, 2013 at the Lugogo Cricket Oval. On the same day, the Battle of the Champions between Bebe Cool and the Goodlyfe Crew will be taking place at Kyadondo Grounds. Suudi is pretty much aware of that and given his experience, he is in not taking things lightly and now, he has brought Chameleone on board."Get ready we activate the biggest, baddest concert of the year," Chameleone noted following his meeting with the Busy Signal promoter, Suudi Lukwago. Chameleone still has issues with his sprained foot but he has been keeping himself busy with saxophone rehearsals instead as opposed to doing the Badlisha dance and jumping around.
Suudi Entertainment in conjunction with KT Promotions are behind the Busy Signal concert. Suudi has brought in several international stars to Uganda like: R.Kelly, Kevin Little and Brink N Lace among others. Busy Signal will head to Tanzania on Dec 7 and then bounce back to Kampala for the Dec 8 Entebbe Resort show.

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Chameleon Pardons Papa Cidy

New going around from Leone Island crew shows of how  Jose Chameleone could be yet to pardon singer Papa Cidy, courtesy of  Papa Cidy’s son Ryan Lubega. this website learnt that a few weeks ago when Chameleon was picking his kids from Green hill Academy, Ryan approached the singer  and he begged the music doctor to forgive his dad. Sources reveal that Chameleone had stopped performing all songs he had featured Papa Cidy but he has ordered his DJ to update his performance CD by including all his collabos with Papa Cidy. As you read this the former backup singer is set to go back to Leone Island and resume his duties.

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

US envoy invites Chameleon to Marines fete

Jose Chameleon achieved a career first when he was invited by the United States ambassador to Uganda to celebrate the 238th anniversary of the US marines. Chameleon who has been involved in some work to bring back Kony combatants home was invited by Ambassador Delhis Scott and his wife. He attended with his wife Daniela. 

In his post on Facebook about the event he had this to say, “tonight was “I wish all the US MARINES worldwide a Happy 238 Birthday. Ambassador Delhis and your lovely wife together with the American Community. Tonight was an absolute honour. As peace advocate, I was humbled by the invite.”

Recently Chameleon posted photos in military uniform and it is said he was shooting a video to appeal to Kony combatants to come back home. He posed with some American soldiers which inspired the US ambassador to invite him to this special event that celebrates the existence of the core of the United States Armed Forces.