Cineplex is Uganda's only state- of-the-art-cinema chain with four screens totaling 615 seats.

Cineplex cinema has four theatres at Garden city Mall which opened its doors in October 2002.

Cineplex Cinema is committed to providing the ultimate movie going experience. Our luxurious cinemas feature state-of the art Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Stereo SR and Dolby Ex sound systems; deep-cushioned seats with convenient cup-holder armrests, wall to wall screens and stadium-style seats that elevate you above the rows in front for a spectacular view of the screen.

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Battle of the Souls - Matt Bish


In an African tale of the supernatural, Ryan, a young reporter, loses his girlfriend and his job in one day. One evening in a bar while drinking with his long-time buddies, he comes across a briefcase filled with cash belonging to a mysterious underworld lord. Greed and conflict over the possession of the money begins to erode their friendship. Depressed and in a vulnerable position, Ryan agrees to join the underlord’s organization. Unknown to him, the organization is actually a cult that sacrifices humans in exchange for wealth and beauty. Q&A

Battle of Souls Trailer

Divisionz - Donald Mugisha

KAPO, BANA, KANYANKOLE and MULOKOLE are 4 youths that originally come from 4 regions of the country (EASTERN, CENTRAL, WESTERN, and NORTHERN respectively) but now live in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city in the “Central ‘Division’, particulary in ZONE B4. They are all aspiring musicians, with each character representing stereotypical characteristics of people from the region they come from.

Down this Road I Walk - Mariam Ndagire

Catherine (Sheila Ategyeka) a student has dreams of marrying her high school sweet heart Fred (Jonan Kisibo). But her father Kateregga (Wawuyo Michael) has bigger plans. He is marrying her off and his choice of suitor happens to be the rich and famous, but troubled Charles Begumisa (Wycliff Luyombya), a man currently being hotly pursued by his relentless Ghanian ex-girlfriend from London. As if that is not bad enough, Begumisa’s mother (Mariam Ndagire) is hot on his case to get married fast. She wants a grand child.
Kateregga, insists on the marriage because he sees this as their only way out of their pauper life. Catherine’s mother (Jennifer Busuulwa) tries to make her daughter understand that African women don’t choose their husbands but Cathy is determined to stand her ground, fight for her life and to fulfill her child hood dreams

Down this Road I walk trailer

Once Upon a time - John Segawa

Mr. Mugalu (Andrew B Kibuuka) is a wealthy man happily married with two children.
To further his education, he secures a scholarship to a prestigious university in Canada. This comes with restrictions as it is only awarded to married couples and becomes a problem because Mr. Mugalu can’t attend with his wife Peace Mugalu (Jennifer Busuulwa) as she is only a P.4 drop-out. So not to lose this opportunity, the family decides to send Mrs.Mugalus young sister Doreen (Mariam Ndagire) instead. But on coming back after the course to the astonishment of the entire Mugalu family, these are no longer in laws but man and wife. What happens to what used to be home!

Strength of a stranger - Mariam Ndagire

When the respected Dr. Caesar Sentamu (Draman Mike) marries Mirembe (Farida Nabagereka) the later gives up her teaching career to become a housewife as a way to show her commitment to family! But as fate would have it, Caesar dies. In his place steps his sister, Max (Ndagire Mariam) two ladies Max and Mirembe are then locked up in a disastrous battle for Caesar’s property. Who will win the favor of the hospital director (Abby Mukiibi) and who will the lawyer (Patricko Mujuuka) favor? And do the deceased’s friends and family members know anything that can play in someone’s hands.