Dance Groups in Uganda

Abayudaya b' Uganda

If you thought we were going to wait for centuries for Ugandans to be nominated for the Grammy’s, you were wrong ‘cause ‘Abayudaya ba Uganda’ have received a nomination in the 47th Grammy Awards in the category of Traditional World Music.

Breakdance Project Uganda

Breakdance Project Uganda is a Ugandan based project which uses breakdance (and other elements of hiphop) for positive social change. It was started up in February 2006. The project has since been giving free classes in Kampala at Sharing Youth Centre in Nsambya every Monday and Wednesday from 5pm-8.30pm.

Jericho Breakers

Jericho Breakers is a community based dance group that believes in transforming and empowering youth through activities they are passionate about. Jericho breakers is a  dance group that uses dancing& other forms of Creative & performing arts as a tool to unite the youth and also help create a voice to claim for youth freedom of expression & speech.

King's Musicians

Possibly no other African kingdom maintained such a rich variety of musical ensembles at their courts as the kabakas of Buganda. For several centuries their kingdom was the largest and most powerful state in Central Africa

Kampala Arts Ensemble

They perform what they call "world music". This is a fusion between western and traditional music. They feature Rita Sabiiti and Fred Kiggundu on guitar and flute respectively with traditional instruments like drums and xylophones.

Kingdom Dancers

The group started in 1997 at the Power Centre Church in Entebbe as a gospel creative dance troupe. Their career was launched by dance performances at the government's UgandaTelevision (UTV), now Uganda Broadcasting Corporation TV..


All of you who think you are dancers, want to be dancers, here is a word or two from Michael Kasaija a former obsessions' dancer and now the Managing Director of the new KOMBAT group which has happened to hit the Kampala entertainment industry by storm.

Nalongo Lukudhe

It's quite an interesting experience meeting people like Nalongo Lukudhe for the first time. After having a close look at her, she came through as a lady with a vision for her career.

Nandujja and the Planets

This group very good when it comes to good-old-fashioned down to the roots Folk music from the Buganda region, then you need to meet Annet and her troop, The planets.

Ndere Troupe

“Functional cultural performers and promoters. ”The diversity of Ndere troupe cannot be matched by anyone. They can perform folk dances and songs from ANY part of Uganda.


The group is a self-help project that came into existence in 1999 and this was during the time of a long school vocation where young men and ladies wait to join universities and tertiary institutions and hence a lot of time we had on our hands.

Percussion Discussion Africa

Percussion Discussion Afrika have come a long way since the band's inception in 1997. These days, there are very few people who can get away with admitting to ignorance of this dynamic group because

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