Deejays in Uganda

DJ Aludah

Spin Master winner and the newly signed talent to Talent 256. Aludah started Deejaying with PCDJ (now uses Serato) alongside his brother John Kizza a.k.a John Smart at Najjanakumbi based Sax Hotel. He started playing for the Home Boyz in Kenya for about 5 months and in June 2009 he moved back to Uganda. Aludah started professional DJ in 2009.

Dj Apeman

The night started out calm, but later Got Hip-hoply groovy. Last Tuesday(12 august) Club Rouge officially Launched its Hip-hop Night that will see lots of hip-hop activity, including majorly battle rap between Ugandan Hip-hop artists and visitors from abroad will be happening every Tuesday.” It will be an exhilarating experience for all that love hip-hop music "explained Templar on behalf of the Rouge Proprientors.

DJ Baby Love

With Uganda’s hectic music industry schedules, it is quite easy to miss out and consequently not pay attention to some industry talent and hence many recording artists Dj's and many other stake holders still lay in the shadows with no recognition and media lime light at all. You could blame it on their laxity to try and make their art known or some sort of deliberate dedication by scribes to particular artists.

DJ Global

He goes by the names DJ Global and Beni Global. DJ Global is my DJ name. Beni Global is my producer/artist name

DJ Roja

Real names Kitaka Rogers, he is popularly known as DJ Roja, an engineer by profession with an ordinary diploma in mechanical engineering, majoring in refrigeration and air conditioning. DJ Roja started his entertainment profession from a local pub in his home area of Kitintale a Kampala Suburb in a place called Skylark pub.

DJ Shiru

There’s one DJ in Uganda that’s been famed as a remix king. He’s famous for lending dancehall rhythms to even dancehall beats giving them a much wider appeal with the masses. He could easily turn a lazy sounding song in to a dancehall favorite by applying some groovy dancehall magic to it. Stop the guessing it’s none other than DJ Shiru who’s for the past four years or so managed to win a cult following from both fans and recording artists. He’s one of Uganda’s pioneer video mixing VJ’s that enable discotheque fans to dance to what they can watch. 

DJs at Angenoir

 we have built a reputation of being one of the best night clubs in East Africa offering weekend after weekend of quality entertainment and an experience of a life time.Our trademark theme nights have sentenced our patrons to endless nights on the dance floor.

DJ's at club silk

 In hordes, they flock to the place. Like flies, they struggle at the box office. Like a possessed cult, they rush to the entrance. There is a theatre craze that has swept over Kampala like a hurricane, sweeping many to the theatre halls.People go for the hilarious jokes, debates on topical issues and love for the theatre personalities