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HB Toxic

Having left Obsessions four years ago and forming HB Toxic in March 2008, Helen and Brenda are signed to Aly Allibhai’s Talent 256. Branded as Uganda’s Destiny’s Child, the duo has gone ahead to top charts with tracks like “All I Need”, “Going Out Tonight” among others.


Heaven Bound

If you feel troubled and need that reassurance that someone called Jesus cares, the Gospel group Heaven Bound have exactly what you need in a remake of their track "Every Step" song. Paulo Mugarura,

Id Twins.

Meeting the Id twins for the very first time was quite an experience in itself this because of their interestingly enormously identical looks and difference in expression style. One is out rightly an extrovert yet the other is the direct opposite of that. Wasswa Cosma and Kato Kedie seem to know exactly where they ....


Big 'E' Gray, Sister Su and Sister Dee are the teenage siblings who have been jamming in the underground music scene since childhood and by the looks of it, they are just getting started.

Keith Ministries

Keith Ministries is an urban based music and dance group based in St.Francis Chapel Makerere University and Kampala Pentecostal Church,Kampala comprised of

Klear Kut

Klear Kut, Uganda's most successful Hip-hop group are currently in Daressalam, Tanzania to promote their new K-Squared album. Papito, Navio and Lungman left Kampala with musicuganda's 'Tha Puzzle' and they are scheduled to be in 'Bongo' for more than a week.

Lucky II

One half of the London-based duo of Unik and Eddie believes that their music partnership was meant to be.“I had been approached by so many people suggesting that I work with them but I have always told them am going to think about it.

Main Street Crew

Main Street Crew consists of two members Kiwanuka Ben a.k.a Main Ben and Mukwaya John a.k.a Mr Wind and it was formed in early January, 2006. Main Ben and Mr. Wind met in school in 1994 – St Balikudembe and that is when they started to sing. 


We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and we are privileged to let you know that MIC is gospel-singing group.

Mr Price and Tony Venture

As the name suggests, the group consists of two gentlemen Mr. Price and Tony Venture and they are due to release their first album recorded at No End Studios.

Moses Radio & Weasle

We have been victims of Bebe Cool's bickering. He thought he would take advantage of being famous to throw me in jail for allegedly assaulting him... You have probably listened to a number of their songs and seen them perform at concerts yet still have not got enough of them. They have been described as contagious, talented, hit makers, Uganda's version of Chaka Demus and Pliers among others.

MSB & Young Nick

Guess what? There's a new one from this Kampala-based Kenyan Hip-hop duo, MSB & Young Nick. The newest release from these lads from Little Red Productions' titled 'Came to party'. Yeah, you guessed right, it's mastered and produced by Moses 'MMc' Sabiiti.


Friendship was initiated with a firm handshake smile and a brief introduction. This was when PA-2 stepped into our musicuganda office to break the good news that a new album was out. He is part of a new Ugandan Hip-hop/RnB duo called NGONI.


The Obsessions has been in the entertainment industry for the last eight years. The brand has solidified its presence in the market place to become one of the leading entertainment brands in Uganda. The entertainment industry in Uganda

QNT analysis

Thought I told you Hip-hop was getting BIGGER!!!
Here is another hip-hop group called QNT Analysis. According to Nizzy-X, one of the members of the analysis, the name was derived from their a.k.a's, which are Q-Maz, Nizzy-X and Tjee-Esco.

  Ras Clan

Ras Clan entertainment started as a rebellion of young African youths against the stereotypes in entertainment by forming a group that would provide a fun and original form of entertainment deeply rooted in the African culture.

Root Rockaz

Bits of history have it that Reggea music has an African concept surrounding it and also holds the rasta movement close.It preaches positive message and tends to spread “one Love between all.


The Seraphim gospel group started in March 2000 by Wiseman who actually has the vision for the group. In September 2000, Wiseman met Mr. Anthony Esen who got the interest to stand with him and even advised him to stick to the vision.

Shalom Rapperz

Stories never cease to amaze on how various successful artists started out their musical journeys to stardom. Stories are told about how many started out performing around Sunday school church choirs while others got inspiration from different performing artists that they often admired. Others are self taught musicians who master their art when much older.

Smokie & Benjamins

This is the period of time that will go down in history as the evolution of Ugandan music industry from obscurity to chart topping talent in various genre worldwide. Since back in the day of the landmark events that shaped the industry like the Sanyu Carnival (2001) and the Hip-hop meets Ragga show


Seguya Faisal (Rabadaba), Paragon and Gatimo aka Gambu Timothy are multi talented members of an all boys group known as Spontaneous and they spoke to Music Uganda about different aspect in the music industry.

Sons Of Symphony

Let mi begin by talking about the group. It consists of two members, Crossova and Mperio (I will tell you more about each of these later). These two met in 2001 at Makerere University. They began with backyard rapping which they basically did for pleasure.

Still Above

Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6). Still Above is a gospel music group with a difference. . It’s made up of three guys who have a burning desire to change the face of gospel music in Uganda and the whole world at large.


Swampkamp is a live hip-hop group that was founded by the Blood brothers Reggae Band on the 26th August 2000 at Swampies after a series of events organized at Swampies that year.


We’ve seen several groups forming and then separating within the shortest time possible take an example of Dream girls, Wafagio and others but there is one amazing trio who have beaten the odds and stuck with each other for more than three years. T-Assets is a group of three guys comprising Kaley Marvin, Ssozi Ivan and Ahimbisibwe Isaac doing Hip Hop and R$B fused with an African touch.

Three Kings

The three kings are Young Nick, MSB and Krukid. This is an emerging East African force that we will have to be ready to see for a long time. MSB and Nick (brothers) had known about Krukid's skills and he too ...

Urban Life

Their Debut track, 'Nothing compares' was written by: Lyrical G, Exquisit, Minus-1, C-Swift, Kruckid and Rita Sabiiti Produced by:Moses 'MMC' Sabiiti at Vokal Justice Studioz, Mixed by: Dawu at Bava Studios, Acoustic guitar by ...


Wafagio is an all girl sexy charisma, modest musical talent, the acceptance of the all girl phenomena in the music arena has made them next big thing. The Uganda band was created in 2008 by Xscape Music and Entertainment which went ....


XPOSURE is a brainchild of 5 students in their senior six vacations. The idea came up in April 2002 and the name XPOSURE was chosen of the many names which were suggested during the first meeting.

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