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2 Ban

Mammas don't cry for me but I miss you dearly! I roamed Uganda and Kenya during my childhood, I am a survivor of an earth quake, of famine, civil war, disease, and poverty. During the ages of 6-10,



The group 2Deez consists of two member; Didi March, the producer and Diamond Oscar, rapper and vocalist the group.  The group has been in existence for a year now. They have recorded an 18-track album and has shot 18 videos and they are looking forward to launching the album in December after marketing all the work.  Currently the group is shooting their final five videos the group.


Hi 2 all those interested to know about A 2 ZEE and what they got for u here we go now. Basically the crew was started by 2 steady rappers in 2003 Myscdemous and D'Razzmatazz and they were later joined by 2 more potentials, that is Kemmy and Bebop Star who


Abrams & Silvester

If you thought that Luganda Hip-hop would never sell, these dudes can prove you wrong! Their debut release, which was redone with a bouncier beat and scratches has made it to the top of the list as one of the most popular mp3s on this site.


Africa Christian Team

The African Christian Team (ACT) is a gospel weapon formed by gospel artists with the aim of fighting HIV/AIDS, immorality and Corruption. We are based in Kampala the capital city of Uganda in...


Able 4

Do not say I didn't warn you! Give them a few months and they’ll be the next big thing on music lovers’ lips. They are young, ambitious with enough determination to push a lorry truck out of Static position.


Amarula Family

The Amarula Family is the leading comedy group in Uganda. Why are they called Amarula Family? We asked them whether the name Amarula had something to do with the Creamy South African alcoholic drink and the family said no.


Back to Life

Back 2 life is a sensational duo comprising Yiya Moze (Moses Kayanja) and Ziza Bafana( Kasendwa Richard) who’s “Tebakulimba” track toped charts in it’s first week of release and with Washington as their main producer, it’s believed their rise to fame came by mimicking Goodlyf’s Moze radio and Weasel.

Bataka Undergound

Bataka Underground, the initiators of a Ugandan flavor of Hip-hop over the years have produced many underground joints that they never released.The word 'Bataka' means natives



Bejoms Productions is a Music Dance and Drama Group that came into existence in 1998 in Mubende District.


Benon & Vamposs

Many got to know him from the popular ‘Nsazewo' hit with his partner Benon, (known as Benon and Vamposs) with a voice that hit the Ugandan music industry by storm, it could even break rocks.


Blu 3

The name of the Ugandan Coca Cola Popstars is Blu3. Their debut track is titled 'Frisky'. I had an opportunity to finally meet the ‘frisky’ girls at an impromptu press escapade at a nice little fancy cafe on 9th Floor,  


Brothers of Peace

The group is made up of three students doing their studies in Thika High School in Kenya. The members of the group are Bryan 14, Hasoz 15, and Treasure 16. Bryan and Hasoz started up the group and later Treasure joined us.


Boyz in September

Consists of two members “Baby Snake” a.k.a Katumba Ayub and “Cascas” a.k.a Sendegeya Innocent.



Prepare your mind, body and soul for Uganda’s latest dancehall sensations. KINGNAD and BRAZMAN exclude enough confidence especially through their latest effort “Inchin ya Africa” produced by Uncle Deno at NO-END Entertainment, “


Dream boyz

Dream Boyz is a new group based in Mukono with 2 guys; Shane and Better who are also former dancers of S Club in Mukono. After the downfall of the group, Shane and Better joined their own group and started singing after performing in Orlando’s “Hakie yange” and that marked the beginning of the group.

City Limit Crew - The New Revolution

Many have been hearing their music others we got to know them through the Vitaras that paraded the Streets of Kampala with the City Limit Crew members’ pictures on them.  This left many wondering “Who are these guys, How does their music Sound?” 


There is a new Gospel group titled “Crossover”. They are Tom and Dennis and experienced many forms of world music when they were still in the secular realm and when they got saved, they ‘crossed over’ to Christ.


Chain Thought Reaxion

Here they are! The Hip-hoppers with the longest name in the land (as yet). What does it mean? The say they are out to spark an action all over the nation. How? Their Music relates to people and situations in Uganda. That's how they penetrated the market.


Da Boot

Da Boot is having a show this Sunday 22nd September at Cine Afrique. They shall have a main event at Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) on the 29th of September, 2002 where



Debwaz was founded by Shiila under the name BOYZ WIT ATTITUDE and was later changed to DEBWAZ on 26th Nov 1996. All the ups and downs that the group went through gave rise to the current established members like Ak Boyzo, Ivy IT, E.Z and Boogie Monster.



The above hip-hop group was started in early 1995. It consists of three guys; ‘Mr. Kkana’, ‘Avian Paul’ and ‘Ssavu’. Their real names are Haruna Sebowa 24, Paul Kyabaggu 25 and Hassan Nyombi Hussein 26 respectively. They were all born and grew up in the same neighborhood, Makindye a suburb of Kampala, Uganda.


The Dream Galz

The Dream Galz  are a sexy, charisma, modest musical talent, the girl band was created in 2003 by two would-be managers who advertised for girls to form an all-girl group, with a cardinal goal of giving pre-teen girls an opportunity to develop and earn from their talent.

East World

East World are the group that brought you that hit 'Foda' which took Kampala airwaves by storm a couple of months ago. This track earned the group three PAM awards on 2nd October this year and they are going to thank their fans and for their support


First Love

Born in Uganda (in July 1993), as an offshoot of a schools’ mission program at Kampala Pentecostal Church, First Love


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