Iryn Namubiru

By Julie Erusa

Photos by Megapix

The other half of the former I Jay, Iryne Namubiru comes out to tell us too, what she has been up to. Many people thought because she left Uganda and went to France , she gave up music. Little did you know that she was working on a come back… Well she is back and she is definitely back to hit the Music scenes in Uganda and I guess the whole world.

Iryne best describes herself as an easy going, open and sociable person and she began singing in her childhood. She prefers to explain the kind of music she does according to the countries she stays in i.e. France and Uganda . In France , she does a mixture of Ugandan traditional music where she specializes in instruments like the drums, base, jungle, classical, electral and soul and finally trip hop. She sings in both Luganda and English. With all these styles she listens to all kinds of music and later on picks out different things. While in Uganda , she has tried an album done with the Ugandan taste (I wonder what the Ugandan taste is?) and she has also added a Nujeli Touch to it too. (Nujeli is a group she belongs to back home in France ). The album is basically soul and r`n`b.

Abakaade Newadeyo
Bandeke Ngenze Noono
Begombeko Nikikuona
Birowoozo Njakunoba
Bwobeera Gwe Nkwagala Nnyo
Byambirigo Nsambu
Ca Bouge Nsonyiwa
Do You Nze nina Omwana
Enyombo Omukwano Gwaffe
Empisazo Zikyuseko Surprise
Essimu ye kiro Tebiba Bingi
Gwe Ansanila Tugume
Happy Waniiza
Kanekyakalire Wanipa Hamu
Kawoowo Yoono
Nkuweki Zinsanze
Mbyogere Ntya Samwa Samwa ft Jose Chameleone
Mwami Wange Usinitupe ft Malaika
Nabulo Osindise Asitamye ft Qute Kaye
Ndereya Netweenyeya