Mobile Disco equipment / PA systems for hire in Uganda

T1 Events.

Tomex Mobile Sounds

 We are fully equipped with computerised music, latest technology power amplifiers, Beta3 speakers, Wonderful Lighting system and our own transport van.
 Its little wonder therefore that this all-in-one music system has been honoured to officiate at the events listed below:
 1. Miss Uganda 2002
 2. Woolworth's launch at Workers House
 3. Farewell Party at Tanzanian High Commission
 4. Rotary Club of Kampala Hand
 5. Democratic Party Cocktail
 We would like to thank our faithful clients who have supported us since 1999
 Booking Contacts
 Plot 3/5 Emka House Bombo Road
 Telephones: +256-772-622486
 Website:         Email:

D & J Audio

D&J Audio is Kampala 's premier mobile DJ entertainment and Public Address Service providers.
Booking contacts
077 403507 077 605151 075403507



Amster Hyper Sounds

DJ Alberto is one of Kampala's most experienced DJ's and was neck-on-neck with the likes of DJ Bush Baby of EAFM and the renown DJ Pinye from Kenya at the most recent Club Silk Street Bash.
After amercing a wealth of experience at Angenoir Discotheque, he moved to Silk Royale as a resident DJ.
When he is not in the club, he runs a mobile disco known as 'Amsta' with some of the best EV Speakers (Sx 300 range) and Cerwin Vega bass bins of a coupla thousand watts. Here are the details off his business card:

DJ Alberto: Director
+256 772 457122
Phillip Ombasi: Manager
+256 772 860399

Silk Mobile

Are you organising an event any time soon? Do you need the best sound equipment in town? Look no further! Club Silk has a mobile department meant to deal with events outside the club. Be it at birthday party, business cocktail, wedding, graduation or any other social event, Silk mobile has the ability to make your event fabulous!In order to make a booking, or any inquiry.

Soul Disco

 Soul disco, where class is paramount! Have good selection of oldies music are very reliable. You can have our word on that. They are directly affiliated with Ange Noir Discotheque and have done parties for possibly the longest time in modern Uganda.
 We shall endeavor to get for you their phone numbers, but you can find out more about them from Angenoir discotheque in industrial area, Kampala

Digital Entertainment

 its based in Jinja and is one of eastern Uganda's only computerised Mobile Sounds
 contact smag on +256712 240390

Soul II Soul Disc

 Good equipment, experienced Deejays
 P.O.Box, 1314, Kampala, Uganda
 Contact Patrick Kamya on: 075 695 691
 +256 772 510 736
 +256 752 630 504
 Located at Greenland pub, 5-10, Bwaise.

Ritex Sounds

 “Club system 2000” for your weddings, graduations, birthdays, baptism parties, etc.
 You can call Richard (The C.E.O) on +256-41 271490 or +256 712 522929
 P.O.Box 33883

Summer Sounds

They have two units, Tiger I and Tiger II. Located at: Front page building, Namasuba Entebbe road. If your party is in that neighborhood, don't look any further.
 Contact : Ivan Kateera Mobile: 077 402 122, 077 561187
 Res: 041 200 711
 Fax: 041 200 711

Globetek Entertainment

 “Globetek entertainment is arguably Kampala’s leading quality service provider of PA systems, Mobile disco and video coverage” That’s what appears on their well-designed business card. They are under the watchful stewardship of Mr. Tendo Kaggwa
 Their office is at the Conference Center Building
 P.O.Box 8596
 Kampala, Uganda
 Their mobile number is most important: +256 77 406 557

Studio 5 Disc

 Based at Kiwatule Recreation center near the Naalya Housing estate
 Featuring Two Deejays with Probably the Quickest fingers in this town.
 That’s not all! They are both called Deejay Charlie (what a coincidence) NB: They look nothing like each other.
 Back to business. They have brilliant RCF speakers and a will to satisfy your. Call them on +256 772 483978 Or better still, find them at the recreation center, most especially on weekends.

Arista Sound

 When was the last time you heard properly equalized and balanced music? If it has been long, then please call
 Nyanzi Isaac, the Director on 077 503993, 077 472086, 077 490950, 077517429 or 041 567386 (He really has many phone numbers... a sign of reliability).
 Their physical address is Plot 29, Luwum street, Kizito Towers, second floor, Room 4B.

SM Sounds International

 “The music people”
 If you have been to parties across Kampala, then you must have heard of SM (as most people call them). Their reputation precedes them.
 P.O.Box 10824
 Plot 55/60 K’la Road, Ambassador House, 1st floor
 Call Sam Mukwaya (SM)
 Tel: +256 41 231702
 Fax: +256 41 251060
 Mob: +256 772 502148



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