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The city Kharkov is full of talent. And this time the first capital of Ukraine surprised Ukrainian show-business, sheltering and rearing eccentric students from Uganda - Alfa- Alfa show-group. 


I have been in the music business ever since the early 90's, when I first formed a group called the C G M Which was later changed to ''The Pentagon Crew '' we were still in our O' LEVEL at Ndejje SSS and we used to perform at school and in other schools such as Namugongo S.S and during the holidays in the former ''Club Vibrations '' and club 'White nile'


The hip hop genre is indisputably on the rise and set to take over Ugandan music scene, but this doesn’t come easy as explains rapper Babaluku, who laid the lugaflow (singing in native language luganda) foundation. Babaluku is the founder and head of the Bavubuka all stars, an initiative that oversees promising hip hop artists who have the ability to lay out the rightful ...


The word “Batabazi” means Wonderers, people always on the move. The Batabazi used to be a big group of six people but with time it has become a duo. Some have ended up in prison, involved in street clicks and others continued with school. Right now Batabazi consists of 2 wonderers / warriors PG and Jerome Black.

Bbaale Aloysious

Bbaale Tegutangirwa Aloysius” is a Uganda musician who started music as a hobby and found himself today in real business! He started singing in 1973 while he was still in S1 at Kasasa Senior Secondary School. He didn’t perform in any band in Uganda, but he decided to continue his singing by joining ...


Fred Bukenya a.k.a B-Boy was born on the 8 th December 1984 in Entebbe , living in Duisburg , Germany , upcoming artist, rapper and song writer. B-Boy's style is into R'n'B and Hip Hop.


“For the future I am searching for honest unpretentious work- It’s the tales from the heart. A lot has changed since I wrote the last album in 2003 and I hope to pass on the wisdom while keeping a firm hold on the integrity of the music.” So till then hope you enjoy the music...

Big Mo

Based in Boston USA, Big Mo real names Moses Ssemanda, is a Luga Flow poet who’s steadily making a name in the Entertainment industry with his Ntoli (Snap) hit climbing charts in the region. Big Mo which stands for Big Money traveled to the US in 2006 for his education and is a 3rd year student at New England Institute of art pursuing a Digital Filming and editing course.

Blackman Uncle Rich

Blackman Uncle Rich a.k.a Sebulilba Simbwa B. Richard is a Ugandan musician based in Luxemburg. He had his first music experience at the age of 17 yrs. By that time, he was sustaining his primary education at St. Francis Primary School. He later joined Kololo High School.

Our One on One with Ugandan Blackman Uncle Rich from Luxembourg

Blao Entertainment

Ugandans are really making it big in Sweden. There has been something between Ugandan musicians and Sweden for some time now, straight from...

Blue Cranes

The Blue Cranes Band Story is one which Started like a Joke and became a real success!!! Bbaale Tegutangirwa Aloysius who was born in Uganda in 1959 left Uganda for Germany in 1991. Don´t ask me why ...

Bush Baby

East Africa radio’s “Iron man” Michael Owori a.k.a the Bush Baby was in town for the P.A.M awards. I caught up with him at his hotel room to find out what he was up to “knock knock” I did and like the Alibaba medieval the door opened.” Wassup  dawg!

Ceaser Sta

Ceaser Sta (Real names Rash Ceaser Muwereza) born and raised in Entebbe, Uganda. He is currently based in Spain where he is producing and running his own music production. He is currently on SoundScapes Inc. of Spain. Ceaser Sta currently sings hip-hop music.

Click here to read more about Ceaser Sta


We would like to introduce to you the channel, a new gospel group based in Norway and it goes like this , We, 'The Channel' have a vision to reach out to the young generation for Jesus through music and as long as Jesus is still on the throne we will serve Him tirelessly to win souls for him. As the Bible states,

Charity Bigaruka

Charity Bigaruka is a Ugandan born-again Christian who lives in Stoneham, Massachusetts (USA). Her album, "Another Day," is a praise and worship album; a collection of songs she has written or co-written with friends.


Charles Omony, the 21-years-old Ugandan-American hip hop singer/producer known by the name D.M.B. (DOLLAR MONEY BROTHER).In Acholi northern Uganda tribe, Omony means a soldier and for real he deserves to be. Jinja, Uganda where he grew and came up from, D.M.B was born and grew up from Jinja.

Da Twinz

Who are the twins?' is the question every one asked them selves earlier this year when Junior Kazoora unleashed a video that threatened to redefine contemporary popular Ugandan music.

Dave Wizzy

I am a Ugandan pianist based in the heart of Europe (Brussels) performing in Hotels & featuring in several festivals with in Europe and at many private concerts. I began my professional carrier in Nairobi, 1993-95 where I performed at the Intercontinental Nairobi & also for the Lonrho Hotels such as Mount Kenya Safari Club and Norfolk.


Dizzo another Ugandan artist leaving in the Diaspora. Dizzo a.k.a Feisel Issa lives in Fort Worth County in Dallas.  He works with the county health rehabilitation progamme there. He finally took a break from all this to come back home and promote his music and meet fellow artists. “I missed home too” says Dizzo. His music genres are R’n’B, hip-hop and reggae.


After spending most of his life abroad, Dro is a household name in the UK especially in the fashion and production world. Being the proprietor Hyve records and Gradous fashions, the 28 year old is striving at becoming Africa’s best in the music world.

  Essence Kasozi

Born and raised in Uganda, Essence has been an entertainer from a very early age. With great interest in the theater and music and having several of her older silblings in the entertainment business, it was indeed a natural progression for her to persue a performing career. 


E-wize is one of the founder members of Urban Life who came onto Uganda's music scene in 2000 with 'Nothing Compares' which they laced after winning half a million shillings at the Munyonyo music carnival.

  Fada Pest

The growing presence of Ugandan music in the Diaspora is phenomenal. Several artistes in Scandinavia, England and America have carried the pride of the motherland.

  Francis Rwama

At the top of the index page of his website is a Crested Crane with its wings spread out; he is a Ugandan in mind and spirit. Francis Rwama, an acclaimed Ugandan pianist in the UK was born totally blind.

  Geoffrey Oryema

Geoffrey Oryema, whose over 50 years old now left Uganda in 1977 during Idi Amin’s regime and has been in exile almost half his life. The young Geoffrey had to leave Uganda unceremoniously soon


The Gerock real name Godfrey Kalera. A hip-hop songwriter/producer/MC based in Sweden. Born in Kampala, Uganda in 1977. He is from a family of five brothers and two sisters. The Gerock delivers sharp beats and lyrics stretching back from his upbringing

  Hala K

She is currently living in London but was born and bred in Uganda. She goes by the names of Cathy a.k.a  Hala.k and she is a  Ugandan and mighty proud of it.


Hi, we are called HOWZIT and we play POP. We are up for two nominations in these coming PAM AWARDS. We are two friends Tom Day and Doobz Cowboy. We play guitar and compose all our music ourselves.

Isaiah Katumwa

He is referred to as the Ugandan Kenny G, hit the music scene like a “tsunami” and has surely left a mark on the hearts of so many people. Isaiah is one of the people who would love to count himself as lucky.  He came to learn and love music while doing it as an activity as a kid. He then never cared so much about it because he thought everyone could sing well,

Joe Street.

Joe Street aka Joshua Kizito born in Kampala Uganda now a UK based artiste is a fresh and amazing talent on the horizons lately. Joe Street started singing at a very early age playing as many an instrument as he could get to he's hands. Many might know him as the guy behind the popular song Okwagala where he futures Myco Chris

Kimbugwe Michael

Born to the late Mr. and Mrs. Luswata Vincet, Kimbugwe Michael was born and raised in Busega a suburb in Kampala Uganda.Having participated in the school choir at a tender age, Michael says he has always been an artist since primary five.” I have been a member of various church choirs namely; St Charles Lwanga, Busega Parish Youth Choir (as music...

Kirya Kuti
A Ugandan musician (Tenor Saxophonist) based in South Africa. He plays music locally in CapeTown and also internationally . Right now he has just released his latest album, Mosquito Yellow Fever which is out and already online, but will be released on Friday 3rd June 2011. He will also do the digital launch here in Cape Town.  Through his music he founded Kirya Kuti project  in Cape Town.


LIC stands for Living Is Christ. Apostle Paul says in the book of Philippines chapter 1 verse 21 that, 'for me to live is Christ and to die is gain'.


Loverdee Plus is born and raised in Uganda till he was 11 years old. He moved to Sweden in 1991, where he kept on going to school. At the age of 17 he started raping in Swedish with his brother Max Brutal a.k.a Willy Kiima, they used a name Rwenzururu Boyz.

Madder Ranks

Mardder Ranks based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA moved to America in 1999, where he has been working on his music. His first album came in 2003, with songs like Mukwano, Ndidda and Uganda. Mardder Ranks was born in Kampala Uganda where he grew up with his auntie Aisha Nabatanzi a Musician and actress in several musical groups. .


Swedish based Marble Musisi just released a hot collabo with Vamposs titled Shh!!!, she is back with a new single “Senga”. 

Michael Kisto

He is known by the names of Michael Kisto Nsubuga but to many pals he is plain simple Michael Kisto. He is a Ugandan by Nationality, comes from a family of many kids and he is the fourth last born in our family. His musical background is not so different, he started the journey of life in church and partly outside church, though slightly I used to do shadow piano playing ....

Myco Chris

Where would the world be without change? Without change there would be no music as we know it for even that first African drummer had to go against some norm to introduce his new sound to his village who might have resisted it initially as foreign. The rate at which the youth today are changing Ugandan music is incredible.

Rob Prophet

Born Robert Kanoonya to the late Ben Kanoonya and Sylivia Kanoonya in Gombe Wakiso District. Started his music carrier at the age of 5 reading , writing and playing instruments, at the Roman catholic mission boarding School in Kamuli District, developed the carrier in Kampala working with Bands like Afrirena Jazz band, Bantu’s Band, Elly Wamala, Diamonds Production, Sky Waves, Outspan Brass Band etc this was achieved between 1996 to early 2000.

Samite of Uganda

Samite's non-profit making organization, 'Musicians for World Harmony' dedicated to raising funds for less privileged Africans is setting off with the 'Voices of Hope concert' scheduled for May 8th a concert to benefit Musicians for World Harmony. Special guests include Mar Gueye,

Seruwagi from Sweden

Sweden based Ugandan musician and actor Seruwagi has just released what I find one of our greatest albums in recent years. Released early 2005, in Stockholm Sweden a few days before he came to Uganda on a familiarization tour, the album is worth every length of your listening.

Sera Lubowa

Sera Lubowa was born September 11, 1986 in Kampala, Uganda to Dorothy and Asumani Lubowa and is the Grand-daughter of Daniel and Joyce Sebugwawo. At a very young age, Sera was determined to become something BIG! "My mom says that I never played with toys. I was always drawn to the radio and entertained myself," she says.  When she was 6 years old, Sera moved to Paris, France and then to Texas to live with her mother who had moved away earlier.


Sheena, a Ugandan artist based in the US is set to perform with Ndanda Kosovo and The Boston Band at The Kampala Club, Waltham MA on June 18th 2005 (details on the poster above)

Sister Slave

Her real name is Lillian Barbara Nabulime Kyeyune. She has been leaving in the United Kingdom and Portugal, happily married and had one daughter. It started off as a nick name, at school, Trinity College Nabbingo, some of my mates used to say that I worked too hard, like a slave for no pay! I thought it sounded cool with the word sister, to make Sister Slave.  Ironically, it represents freedom.

Stocky Pearl

On Listening to Stocky’s voice, one wonders why this soft outspoken artist has taken long to realize how good she is when it comes to music. With the fast growing music industry, Stocky has the ego; perseverance and enthusiasm to one day make it big not only in Uganda but the whole Diaspora. Music Uganda caught up with the burgeoning artist and had this to say.


Robbie says, “To any youth or elder that feels that singing is their love, my advice to you is: DO IT, TAKE A CHANCE!!! You never know who might hear you or discover you!”

She was born in Bwaise, a suburb to Kampala on the 29th September 1980. My parents are Mr. Charles Mukooza and Miss. Mariam Ndagire (not the musician they possess similar names), unfortunately they're not together anymore but they are good friends and she can always count on them for their support in whatever she plans for my future.

Roy Kapale.

Back in 2003, at the World AIDS Day celebrations at the National Theatre, a new artiste stepped on stage and started doing a song that was as funny as it was x- rated. Well, it sounded X-rated; something to do with how nice meat is.

Meet Omega

Her style is:  World music, Jazz, Gospel- it’s generally a fusion of international sounds. Something to express the multiple influences that she has had in my life from her upbringing until now.
She currently have one jazz EP album which doesn’t have any original songs.


He has changed his stage name so many times but most of his fans still know me as Pius lizard of the Leone Island Entertainment. Currently he is known as “Pallaso” but still represent for Leone Island entertainment to the fullest. He has been living in America since September of 2006. He met with artist Jeremy .....

Papa Shante Bushman

Papa Shante Bushman (Safari Robertl) was born in 1980 in Nairobi where his parents had fleed in to exile. He went to School at Olympic primary school and later in 1988, he returned to Uganda with his parents. He joined Nakivubo settlement primary school in 1989 where he completed his PLE Exams.

Phad a Rhymz

A Ugandan artist based in Canada, just brand new on the music scene. PHAD A RHYMZ (Born Fahad Huthyfah Mutumba), a new kid on the block who's come onto the scene with his unique style of music. He blends his Lyrics in English, Luganda, and...


Press is a Ugandan musician (recording Artist) based in the United Kingdom. Born in Uganda, he started singing at the age of 10 while studying his primary education at St. Maria Gorreti, then he went to Katende, Old Kampala High School and Sseta High School where he finished his A' Levels. Press began street performing at DV8 and started touring High School under ''RAINBOW PROMOTIONS school tour'' under D.J Rota.

The Reggae Black Prophets Band

Was initiated by Rob Prophet A.K.A Mr. Robert Kanoonya in Johannesburg South Africa in November 2007. The group was highly supported by all races hence our managers being Asians, whites and Blacks.


Zani is an artist/singer, actress and model from Uganda based in Holly Wood California USA. she began singing at the age of eight performing in schools, youth and church choirs.


I was born in Uganda on the 23rd of September 1980 in a town called Jinja, I grew up there and attended main street primary school then later moved to Madhivani Muljibani girls school where I completed my secondary education. After my secondary I moved to the capital city of Uganda-Kampala where I spent my vacation singing in hang-outs, didn’t take me long ...


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