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BY Music Uganda reporter

Friendship was initiated with a firm handshake smile and a brief introduction. This was when PA-2 stepped into our musicuganda office to break the good news that a new album was out. He is part of a new Ugandan Hip-hop/RnB duo called NGONI. The second member of the group is Aydee who is also a Ugandan producer and 'Goodenuff entertainment' proprietor based in the UK. He is a qualified sound engineer and is very swift with keyboards, synthesizers and Boards of production, in other words he's got skills!!!

The title of their new album is "Be Mine" named after one of their lead tracks. Both PA-2 and Aydee produce this album. Some of the work on this was done in Kampala at BK Studios. They have been closely collaborating with producers like Joe Tabula who recorded the vocals for one of their tracks (Love 2 Party), Steve Jean who gave them advice as they did the project, Andrew Kiwanuka (produced Bobi Wine's "Kagoma"), Robert Segawa and others.

One of the tracks, which caught my ear, was "Love 2 party" which features Lyrical G of Urban Life and formally of Bataka Underground. Lyrical does a firm rap intro for the track, which gives it a lot of momentum. This is favorable for a dancehall atmosphere

This album also features a catchy Zouk track called 'Angenoir'. You just have to listen to this one! It has very natural lyrics.

Nuff said! Let me just re-type for you the shout-outs on their CD cover and give you a link to their website. Here they are

Good News! The 'Banacity' video by Ngoni is has just come off the production line a Deddac Media (YesThatsUs). Aydee of Ngoni touched down from the UK on 14th Jan 2004 to prepare for a video shoot for one of their new songs titled 'Banacity'. Preparations had already been initialized by PA-2 who had been in town conceptualizing and planning the scenes with the management of Deddac media, the guys who have done videos for Klear Kut, Benon & Vamposs, Bebe Cool and many others.

The video production crew of Deddac Media contacted musicuganda and informed us that all post-video-shoot-work in the Deddac labs is done and the video is scheduled to be launched on WBS TV and Channel 5/EATV in the near future. Also in the video were Cyrus (the virus) and Viboyo of DCT and DJ Bobby of Club silk.

Since the video has been released between August last year and July this year, Ngoni are legible for a PAM Awards nomination, depending on how the masses receive the new project - Good Luck!

Ngoni (Ay-Dee and PA-2) have come through with another hot single titled 'Rose'. The UK based Hip-hop/RnB duo have sent the new track through their agent Kevin Zziwa (of Kezzi entertainment) down to Kampala and the music has been distributed to Capital FM, Sanyu FM, CBS and Radio Simba.

According to Kevin, the group plan to release videos for 'Rose' and their follow-up track 'Sekiliba kyataka' by mid February. There are also plans to relocate their ultra modern "2-good" studio to Kampala since the music industry in Uganda/East Africa has become more rewarding and exciting.

The style used in 'Rose' is a fusion which has hints of Ragga, RnB and contemporary Ugandan flavors. Listening to the music, you can hear westside-like 'whistles' (the kind used by Adina Howard in 'Freak like me' and in Snoop Dogg's 'Doggy Dogg world') and a talk-box chorus and verse. 'Rose' also features Rude Boy Devo and Jamaican artists based in the UK.

Kevin adds that "fusion is the way forward for contemporary music because the world has many cultures of musical people who can appreciate good stuff when they hear it"

Goodenuff productions, which is being run by the group is also setting up a new website and the duo have big plans for Uganda's music industry most especially next year. Considering the number of new projects and labels in town, Kampala next year shall not be the same.

Up-close with Ngoni.

Recently just dropped the video of the song “Biguula” and have also released a new song “Mimi na wewe” featuring AY.  Our snoops were able to get hold of the two musical warriors as their name suggests and this is what they have to say.

1 on 1 with Goodenuff's Ngoni - By Peter Kigonya & Julie Erusa

When one genuinely loves, and is excited about what they are doing they can go on forever talking about what they do. I am sure that if you ask Julie about she will talk your ears off the same way I would about So I usually have to cut myself off because usually no one is interested.

Ngoni Unplugged – By Julie Erusa

To many it’s just another unplugged yet to some it’s just a chance to see what more our artists can offer, something different away from the tracks and the CD performances.  This time round we had the Ngoni – who refer to themselves as musical warriors. Here we got see the vocal qualities and the different musical talents of both these gentlemen

Ngoni speak out from Dar by Julie Erusa

They performed with Koffi Olomidde in Mwanza last Friday and Sunday, alongside D.N.A and many Tanzanian artistes including T.I.D, Wanaume, ChidiBenz, Q-Chief, etc.  The crowds was so massive for both shows, and Koffi invited them back on stage and he sang Digi with them, and they
backed him up to sing 'Senga'.

Ngoni back with Niongoje

After a longtime of silence Ngoni is back with a sizzling new single labled “Niongoje”. Niongoje is loosely translated to mean 'hold on baby, I will be back home soon”.  The song is a tribute to all the patient ladies who take care of homes and wait patiently for their husbands to come back home.

The song was written by Reuben, produced and recorded at Goodenuff studios. In an interview with Aydee, one half of the group he said that most of last year they were doing tours and had less time to record. They also needed to reinvent their sound. Reality is they contributed a lot to Urban and Zouk sounds in terms of production, so many people were now doing that sound, so they had to go back to the drawing board.

Besides music Ngoni has also been working on projects to bring in new upcoming artistes like Chilli Gals, Cyclone, Krystal Babes (Former Wafagio)

Ngoni & Toniks @ Club 9 Degrees

The Kings of Zouk Music in Uganda, Ngoni will be performing live on the 01st December, 2010 in the first ever Zouked up night. They will be performing alongside The Urban Groove Band, Toniks and Cash 02. Club 9Degrees is the former Platinum 9 located on Jinja Rd. Doors are open at 8PM and entrance is 5 UGS.

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Monday, 07th March, 2011

Ngoni Releases Joanna Video By UGPulse Entertainment Reporter

It looks like Aydee and Pato are putting "quality" on top of the list of things they need in their videos. This is evident from their latest video, Joanna 

The market has changed a lot from the time when Ngoni was on everyone's lips... but these two songs show that they are still around. Although they seem more focused in producing music lately, they still have the muscle for putting out a hit whenever they feel like it. Go Ngoni!

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Hot new releases

After  perfect win against the Congo over the weekend, what other way to begin the week. This week is taking off with hot new releases from some of Uganda’s best artists.

Ngoni – More Money

Who would not love money? Written by both Pato  & Ngoni. It was produced at Goodenuff Studios. The song is about money, how we all love and all the never ending problems surrounding it.

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Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Ngoni release Mo Money Video

Shot in Uganda and on the rooftops of one of the most prestigious hotels and of course Goodenuff Studios by GoodEye /Elite Films and  directed by  Bob Dixon. Like the title goes “Mo Money”, the symbol is clearly shown by the dollars flying around, the cars the spending on the girls. Mo Money is the first single off their upcoming album.

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