Night Spots

T1 Club

Class at its best at T1 Club by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Just adjacent to Club Obbligato, the all new T1 club is so far the classiest night club in Uganda lately. With just a month in operation, the kind of clientele that T1 has is simply awesome. The club is fully air conditioned, has three fully stocked bars, six plasma screens, ample packing space, the best sound, great lightings and has a smoking and non smoking zone.

Plot 18 Old Portbell Road Industrial Area. P.O Box 70957, Kampala, Uganda. Tel: +256-414-231991. Fax: +256-414-231992. Email: Website:

Steak Out

Spot 6 Sports Bar

Club Silk

1st Street Industrial Area, Box 12635, Kampala, Tel      +256-414- 250907, +256-414- 245362
Fax       +256-414- 3345372, Mob  +256-772- 472340, +256-752-200606


Angenoir Discoteque: Kampala's No: 1 Night Spot

Ange Mystique: Your Ultimate Night out

The current number one nightspot in Uganda’s capital city,Ange-noir Discotheque started operations many years ago as ‘Kololo Night Club’. Many from the older generation of Ugandans are aware of this. In 1986, new management took over the club and named it Ange-Noir.

Plot 77A, 1st Street Industrial Area, P.O box 10977, Kampala, Uganda. Tel: +256-414-230190/231027. Email: angenoir@emailaccount com



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