The birth of a music revolution in africa – one8; 8 superstars from across Africa unite with one major global megastar to form one8 – the all star group to take the best in music from Africa onto the global stage, connecting millions of fans through the universal language of music

The wait is over and a music revolution has begun -after weeks of speculation one8 is here!

Through the power of the universal language of music and combining genres, sounds, voices and audiences - while breaking down stereotypes, geographical borders and divisions - ONE8 is the ultimate music force that is single-handedly changing the face of the African music industry.

Planet music is the playground for ONE8 as the hottest African talent from eight major African countries joins forces to create an African supergroup unlike anything seen before.

The power and excitement around this collective of African stars is so big that ONE8 will be not only be joined by one of the biggest global megastars and icons in music for its first single and video, about to be recorded in Chicago, USA, but this superstar, who’s played a crucial role in defining R&B and Hip-Hop as we know it, will produce the song and video together with some of the biggest names in music and music video production in the world today.

This all star group ONE8 is produced and managed by the first major pan-African record label and 360 music company, ROCKSTAR4000 within the family of the world’s number 1 recording company Sony Music. Sony Music has delivered some of music’s biggest icons and pioneers and boasts a vast catalog of some of the most important recordings in the history of music including the likes of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, R Kelly, Alicia Keys, Usher, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Shakira and Kings of Leon to name a few.  ONE8 is destined for greatness, shattering perceptions about African music as it builds networks and excitement across the pan-African music landscape and across the world.

ONE8 is not only just another all-star lineup, but is a progressive, digital media driven project.  It’s driven by the passion of the artists to not only allow their fans access around the clock, but to give them the freedom to escape from their every day challenges and empowering their fans to be whatever they want to be through the power of music and the digital world - connecting them across cities, borders and continents.

As all eight artists set off for the USA, fans will be connected with them around the clock through the website, mobile site or mobisite, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube and live webcasts from on-the road.  Millions of fans will experience this music revolution and historic journey as it happens.  Fans will experience their favorite stars up-close and personal and roam where no fan has roamed before, digital ALL ACCESS PASSES delivered personally by these superstars to their fans!

All the artists have worked together to create a song that is a truly Pan-African creation.  The group will also shoot a video in Chicago which will be released globally with the first single in November, alongside a full album and DVD soon after.

You can follow ONE8 around the clock on the following official portals:


Over the past few weeks rumours and speculations have been flying wildly across the internet as everyone tried to predict – or influence - who would be next join ONE8.  The waiting is over; for the first time we can officially announce all of the superstars making up this group:

2Face: Nigeria

2Face started his musical career with BlackFace and the two of them formed the group Plantashun Boyz, a highly acclaimed group in their own right. However, 2Face has achieved most of his success as a solo artist and is now one of the most internationally recognized celebrities Nigeria has produced in recent years. 2005 saw 2Face become a household name when he took home an MTV Europe award for best African act, a Channel l Music Video Award for Best Male Video and Best African Video (both for "African Queen") and a Kora award for Revelation of the Year. Last year he took an MTV Africa Music Award for Best R&B and as he joins forces with the ONE8 project the sky is the limit for this amazingly talented artist.

JK: Zambia

JK is currently Zambia’s leading superstar artist with a sound just perfect for mixing with other artists and styles. His Afro-centric signature sound of Rhumba-meets-reggae-meets-R&B have made him a household name in his native country.  Being lauded as the man who singlehandedly put the fire for Zambian music back into the hearts of Africans, JK’s star continues to rise, seeing him regularly touring the continent and Europe.  As part of the ONE8 group, his style will engrave Zambia firmly on the musical map.
Navio: Uganda

One of Uganda’s most awarded hip-hop artists, Navio has been on the forefront of the countries hip-hop genre for more than 10 years making huge strides in pushing the genre’s accessibility in Eastern Africa.  Originally from the rap group Klear Kut, Navio became an overnight sensation, winning awards and topping charts until 2009, when he decided to pursue a solo career. Navio is adamant he will continue to develop the East African hip hop sound and will definitely bring a passionate and creative style to the ONE8 project.

Amani: Kenya

Amani is one of the most talented and beautiful female stars ever to come out of Kenya.  Her name is a Swahili word that literally means peace and tranquility, and the soothing sounds of Amani’s music reflect exactly that.  Amani’s soothing music is urban and African, uplifting with unforgettable melodies that showcase both Amani’s vocal and song-writing talents.  This talent has not gone unrecognised in the awards category with Amani having won numerous awards including the Kenya Kisima Award in 2006 for Best Female Artist and Best Collaboration, and in 2007 for Best Female Boomba Artist.  Amani has also been nominated for a Channel O video award in 2008 for Best Female Artist East Africa.  In 2009 she won the MTV African Music Award (MAMA) for Best Female Artist Pan Africa alongside a slew of nominations at the 2009 Channel O Music Awards. 

Alikiba: Tanzania

The king of Bongo Flava, Alikiba is Tanzania’s biggest superstar artist.  With his first album only being released in 2008, he has exploded into one of the biggest African artists, across the continent and internationally.  With the origins lying in Caribbean music, Bongo Flava is a happy, danceable style that brings parties to life and lifts moods effortlessly.  Having a debut album be the top selling album in the whole of East Africa, Alikiba is no stranger to success and is looking forward to bringing his positive energy to the ONE8 project.

4x4: Ghana

4X4 (Pronounced ‘four-ex-four’) is a hip-life trio mentored by hip-life duo Buk Bak (Bright and Rooney).  They released their first album ‘Siklitele’ in 2003, followed by a second album ‘Contestant Number 1’ in 2007.  As great role models to the youth in Ghana, the members of 4x4 have worked extremely hard to get where they are today.  Their latest album, is a blend of foreign touch (hip hop style) but with a local dialect and dancehall flavours. Their great example to the youth mixed with their pride for their country will see 4x4 fit perfectly into the One8 group.

Fally Ipupa: DRC

One of the biggest and most talented superstars from the African continent today, Ipupa Nsimba aka Fally Ipupa is a singer, songwriter and respected guitarist who was born and raised in Kinshasa, DRC. His silky smooth voice soon reached the hearts of many, both in DRC and internationally, due to his blend of various musical styles including soukous, ndombolo, pop and R&B.  In 2007 Fally was acknowledged by his peers in the music industry when he won the Best Male Artist Cesaire Award and Best Artist or Group from Central Africa in the continental Kora Awards.  His creative spirit, incredible talent and youthful passion make Fally Ipupa a valuable part of the ONE8 group.  Fally is well traveled and has toured extensively in Africa and the rest of the world.  It was recently announced that he will perform later this year at the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) in Lagos, Nigeria

Movaizhaleine: Gabon

One of the continents most successful rap stories, ex-pats Movaizhaleine, now residing in Paris, France, have taken the African rap flag and are flying it high across the world for Gabon, and indeed the rest of the continent.  Consisting of two young conscientious rappers, Lord Ekomy Ndong and Maat Seigneur Lion, the group, also affectionately known as MH, began rapping together when still at high school - highly influenced by the activism on the continent at the time.  With four top selling albums under their belts and more than a hundred spectacular showcases in Africa and France, the group is still growing from strength to strength.  Joining the ONE8 group is a natural move for these pan-African music-cultural leaders.

Watch this space as we announce the final members of the revolutionary superstar music group in the coming days and details of their journey across Africa and the world!

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R Kelly joins One8 and new single to be released

Some big news! Read the official worldwide press release below that R Kelly has joined the ONE8 super group.  Talent 256's Navio and Amani and 6 other African Artists (2 Face, Fally Ipupa, Ali Kiba, 4x4, JK, Mavaizhaleine) are part of this amazing music revolution that has been created by Rockstar 4000 and Sony Music.  The entire ONE8 was in Chicago last week shooting the first song and video called "Hands Across the World".  Look out for the international release of the song this week.

International R&B Legend R.Kelly by joins star studded super group from Africa - one8

The all-star line-up of the supergroup ONE8 is now complete.

The ONE8 artists have been amped up, living the high life in Chicago and most importantly, recording what will no doubt be one of the world’s hottest singles this holiday season.  Hands Across the World is being released today to radio stations and clubs across Africa and worldwide. 

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

One 8 first single out

Unity is surely like harmony… I guess you should stretch your hands across the world. The One 8 project which consists of some of the most talented artist in Africa and the US has released their maiden single “Hands Across the World”. The song was written and produced by R.Kelly.  Hands Across the World is basically a song for hope. It is also an inspirational song that moves towards shaping our humanity and gearing towards a more open and insightful view about the way we look at each other as human beings. They are going to launch the song in Nigeria in a couple of days. Watch out for them and the video.

View the One 8 official Website.

Wednesday, December 01st, 2010

The AIRTEL One8 Supergroup by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Music being a universal language, Airtel decided to link up an all-star group of 8 African artists alongside R.Kelly from the states to come up with the “Hands across the world” single also to work as the re-branded telecom company’s theme song.

With artists like 2Face from Nigeria, JK(Zambia), Uganda’s Navio, Kenya’s Amani, Alikiba(Tanzania), 4x4 from Ghana, DRC’s Fally Ipupa and Movaizhaleine(Gabon) all teaming up with R.Kelly, the ONE8 Super-group released it’s debut single and Video of their –Hands Across the World to the global audience on the 23rd of November. Supported by Airtel, Rockstar 4000 and Sony Music Worldwide, the ONE8 first single and video is a revolutionary project with Pan-African and global vision through the power of connectivity.

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

ONE8 Reigns Across Africa

The Airtel One8 project, launched in October this year, continues to make waves across the African continent.

The video of the first single, “Hands Across The World”, has received more than 1,000,000 views online. The song is currently riding high on radio charts all over Africa, and remains one of the most requested songs on the airwaves. Featuring eight of Africa's most talented artists, combined with R&B superstar R. Kelly, the One8 supergroup brings the best of Africa and the world in an exclusive musical collaboration.

At the MTV African Music Awards (MAMAs), ONE8 artists Fally Ipupa and 2Face Idibia took home a combined 4 out of a total 12 awards. Fally was honoured with Best Video and Best Francophone Act, while 2 Face won trophies for Artist of the Year and Best Male.

The Airtel ONE8 supergroup has big plans for 2011. Look out for the One8 tour of Africa, as well as more songs and videos from the first global powerhouse from the continent. 

Find attached the latest solo release from Uganda’s ONE8 member Navio.  The song titled “Feel Free” is energetic club banger released under the Rockstar 4000/Sony Music Record Label.

For more information about ONE8, Rockstar 4000, Navio or any ONE8 artist please contact: