Music Producers in Uganda

This page is dedicated to all those Ugandans who take time off to write and produce music. Many of these are artists themselves and have helped others to produce and promote their music.

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A-rian always loved to sing. Matter of fact he spent holidays listening to music and dancing when with friends, it also bound him to friends and family. He mimed in schools too as part of the FAB-K group. His recent urge to start recording was due to the lack of a certain taste in most music heard everyday.

Doug B 

Emerging on Uganda's music scene! He is a predominantly gospel-hip hop producer and is one of the forces behind new groups like 'Thug Squad'

DJ Eddy

Many Ugandan recording artists today have mastered the art of promoting their music through videos first as the quickest tool of marketing their works both locally and internationally. And one of the men they are running to shoot, direct and edit their videos is none other than the soft spoken director and editor, DJ Eddie. Besides being a genius at his works he's also distributed many of today's music videos around.

GWM Kiberu

We would like to introduce to you Mr. George William Musulira Kiberu (GWM Kiberu). William, as many prefer calling him, is a media professional who was born in Uganda but currently based in the UK


Henry Kiwuwa

Henry Kiwuwa meets me with a thoughtful and lengthy stare. He cuts across my mind as an orderly citizen who would perhaps have no objections to paying graduated tax.

Just Jose

A few  years back, the music industry saw the rise of Mwima Joseph at No End studios in Kamwokya under the guidance of Kiwuuwa little did he (Jose) know that in 2009, he would become a household name in the production circles working with some of the biggest names in the music industry. With over 30 songs under his production,

Miika Mwamba

Miika Mwamba is a producer from Finland who has produced a series of Ugandan musicians such as Ziggy Dee (‘Eno Mic’), Mad Ice (‘Baby Girl’) and a very popular Tanzanian musician in Uganda, Saida Kaloli.


Good enuff productions, which is being run by the group is also setting up a new website and the duo have big plans for Uganda's music industry most especially next year. Considering the number of new projects and labels in town, Kampala next year shall not be the same.

Omulangira Suuna

When you speak of sheer vocal ability and audio and visual  production talent, you’ll have hard pressed not to think about the ever enterprising pearl of Africa music award winning artist Omulangira Suuna. He together with Moses Radio and Weasle won last year’s ward for the song of the year category for their song Nakudata which he produced at his Maureen studios.

Peter Kato

Peter Kato a.k.a Producer Peter Kato Executive Producer of Sema Productions Canada. He started music back when he was still in Uganda in his primary school where he was the president of the drama club making me on of the best dramas in school and that was in primary 3.



Mike Rinex was born Northern Ugandan August 23, 1986. Growing up he nursed a dream of becoming a producer, Rinex became acquainted with production at Mesach’s Kann Records suited at Calendar in Makindye, he is currently Uganda’s most popular producer and he works with D. Records.

Steve Jean 

He is probably Uganda's most experienced producer and has many hit tracks under his sleeve. Has produced the best and he aint finished yet!

Tim Kabali

Tim Kabali is an unusually domineering talent. I do not want to reflect on him in the past tense, for he’s bounced back from his local hiatus to stay in the industry. He is one of U

Timothy S Kizito

Timothy S. Kizito is the main Producer/Engineer of Bantu Production Studios with 15 years of experience in African contemporal, Pop, R&B, Hip hop and Ragge music.


It actually takes about 8 hrs. Suunda for example took us two days. It was a Demo. We didn’t know it would later make an instant hit. Ziggy D and Bobby were not playing around in the studio but we encouraged them

Washington David Ebangit

Man, am simply Washington David Ebangit. My Dad’s Dr. Ebangit and he’s a Pastor as well (meanwhile Tone jumps into the interview room to take his seat with such a friendly smile)