Radio Stations in Uganda

Tuesday, November 09th, 2010

Radio Stations in Uganda Compete for Drive Home Traffic

Not everyone is a loser when it comes to that torturous drive home in Kampala's traffic.


Private FM radio has since the early ninetees become stronger and stronger with various players entering the cut-throat market. What matters is not only how far a particular radio station’s frequency transmits but also the quality of the various radio presenters. Of course there have been numerous wars between private FM radio stations as they continued to poach the crème de la crème of on–air personalities… luring them with attractive packages to switch to their broadcast houses. No wonder over the years we have witnessed various talented radio personalities crossing over regions especially, from Kampala to Nairobi, after being lured to join radio stations offering them better opportunities. For some reason the Kenyan market seems to be blessed with specialist audio and visual producers and over the years many of them have left Kenya for the Ugandan market where they quietly run the show behind the scenes as producers.

DJ's at radio stations

Beat FM is number one.

With forty two (42) radio stations saturated in and around Kampala today. There is absolutely no doubt that every radio programmers dream is to make it at number one in this highly competitive Ugandan radio market. Beat 96.3 FM was recently crowned the number one station in Kampala by the Steadman group the industry’s acknowledged media research organization that......