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Denzo aka ndugga faizal. He went 2 Molly and Paul for Primary and St Mary’s Kitende for secondary where he joined music after his vacation. He has always been so aggressive doing the hip hop style Wright from early 2005. He is born to Mr. and Mrs. Sanyu Ssemambo and he is the first born in a four member family at the age of 25.

Denis Rackla

Hope you have all heard the song “Mungatto”; well this song hit airwaves in and outside Uganda in flash. It soon became a favorite in many Ugandan clubs and at all Ugandan parties. Denis Rackla, a proud Muganda, born Mpima Denis prefers to describe his music as Afro-Beat. “I have never got a name for it, I could do Reggae or even Dancehall.” says Rackla.

Derique BC

Born on the 24th of April 1980, Derique BC is a new Gospel Hip-hop Artiste. He has just done a new gospel single entitled “Unto You Lord I Come” at Doug B’s Alpha-1 studio. He is currently working on his debut album titled “The Calling” which is expected to come out towards the end of the year (2003) or beginning of next year (2004)

Desire Luzinda

Famed for her songs, Nkomyewo, Bingi, Mubiite and her latest, Nina Omwami with Ngoni, Desire is slowly but surely moving up the ranks in Ugandan Music. It is always said that music is food for the soul. It stirs up the inner most feelings embedded inside one's mind, body and soul. Listening to Desire Luzinda's songs gives a listener that ecstatic feeling that only powerful music can evoke.

Diamond Oscar

Oscar Diamond is back with another hit “Nyakala kiro”. The track that was produced in London by Didi, the ma behind the previous hit, “Kitokota” in Jam Big Burn Studios and was finally mixed and arranged by Druandru, another producer in Truvine Studios in Kampala.

Digin T

Digin.T is a Ugandan artist based in South Africa. He does Afro pop Reggae and R n b' well known for the 'NANTONGO' single that debuted in april 2005. Since then he has been working on an album 'Eno ye tym,' That we should expect to be out in July this year, this has called the release of the first two videos that are now taking Ugandans by

DJ Michael

Veteran Lido Beach Disc jockey and dancehall recording artist DJ Michael has gone down in history as the first ever artist to release a whole video album first before releasing his album officially.” I just wanted to come out differently this time since many of my fellow artists always release one video after a particular audio.

Doug B

Do you have Gospel Talent? Do you have the voice, the stage moves and the confidence? Then ALPHA ONE RECORDS under the patronage of one of Uganda’s finest Hip-hop / R&B producers DOUG-B is looking for you.

Dorothy Bukirwa

Afritrends: How do you describe your music to people?

Dorothy: Its music that is normally lyrically rich and passionate and in many instances, classically oriented, I’m not a really into dance music coz it’s not soulful enough for me…though I like it en I do it when I get the right inspiration.

Dr. Tee

Travis Kazibwe describes himself as a no nonsense man who loves sharing ideas with people. He appreciates what God has done for him. Without him he would not be where he is right now. He started doing music at a professional level way back and he remembers shaking hands with many visiting presidents between 1988 and 1993.


Grew up in Nsambya Barracks as a last born child of ma Mom that makes me the best MC. Started Rappin’ at the age of 13, remember the Vanilla Ice songs, Mc Hammer, and known every word of of Snop Dogg’z Dogg Style Album, my inspiration to the rapp game.

Eddie Rush

Eddie Rush is a box of contradictions on the Ugandan music scene. When he appeared on the stage four years ago, it was through unconventional means; he was not introduced by some radio disc jockey or an MC at a concert. One day, he appeared in news items in......

Eddie Kenzo.

Idrissa Musuza commonly known as Eddie Kenzo is a multi talented musician who has a made a name in the entertainment industry through hits like Stamina, Nategede,Yanimba with Mickie Wine, Kanambako among others. Having made his debut in 1997 with Tutese as his first single, the 20year old is the CEO of Big Talent, a musician’s talent group with Big Eye, Zuma, Showcase, Ziwa and Abubaker as other crew members.

Edga Kiyaga

He is a Ugandan and a talented musician born in Luweero  district in a humble village called Ggavu. This special gift was inherited from his maternal uncle the late Peterson Mutebi who was a well known musician in the 70s and 80s.

Elly Wamala (R.I.P)

The winner of the Lifetime Achievement award, Elly Wamala is dead. This is a blow to the whole music industry in Uganda. Elly Wamala, 69 died yesterday at Mulago Hospital at 5.00pm. He has been battling with Intestinal Cancer and Diabetes.


Ekky is a Ugandan singer / songwriter whose steady rise to fame is attributed to her debut single “Why lie” which is receiving massive airplay on the air waves. The song was produced by Cyril of Kindahquet Music. The video was premiered on the 13th of July and is receiving massive air play on Channel O.   In the song, Ekky is about expressing her feelings to a guy......

Emilian J

When a new artist from Uganda goes to Kenya, the tendency is he or she does come back successful with hits and ready to be the next star. Sylvia Kyansuti, Bebe Cool and Chameleon may serve the example. Emilian J, a new artist is most likely on that route to success.


Being unveiled last year, Empress is perhaps the next household name in the music industry going by the success of her two songs which have gone ahead to top charts on most media houses. Born 22 years ago to Mr. Habimana Henry and Mrs. Munaba Grace of Rukungili District, Tumusiime Joy better known as Empress is the 3rd born of six children with 2 boys and four girls. She attended Makerere University primary school,

Emma Katya

Emma Katya Vinywasiki Katondolo was born in Goma, East of the DR Congo, in December 1982. He completed his primary and secondary school in Goma. Coming from a family of artists, Emma Katya started practicing music at a tender age of five, miming songs ...

  Emperor Orlandoh

Emperor Orlando has always been a force to reckon with at a party. He is really very good at working up crowds most especially at Ange noir Discotheque.

Enny Kayondo

I am Kalawo Enoch C.B. Kayondo and I am a Ugandan of 22 years born in 1980. I am a senior four dropout, son of Mr. Ssajjabi Josiah and Mrs. Mirembe Phoebe of Kigulamo Village found in Iganga district in Uganda.

Esther Mirembe

Esther best describes herself as someone who is very ambitious and just wants to praise the Lord. She sings in mass choir in the Christian Life Church in Bwaise.

Etolu Prince

God's Salvation came to Etolu Prince, a paint Artist-turned-music artiste, on 6 th March 1999 in a Kampala Pentecostal Church office. Thus his music ministry, albeit still in its stage of infancy, was born.


Evon has become a regular at the Jazz Nites at Kelly’s pub where her following has grown from strength to strength. During the days when she first went there, she quietly asked Gordon Begumisa.



Farooq describes himself as a young talented artist of the age of 25 years. Farooq began singing in 2002. He started recording his first song with Andrew Kiwanuka of Kasiwukira studios. Here he starred recording his first song “Kiss Me” though he never finished the song. He then went to Cream sounds studios and met Ronnie and Andrew and re-did the song and finished it and released it.


Real name: Philip Emuli.  He is a first year student at Mukono Christian University pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Developmental Studies. He describes himself as an honest, down to earth, assertive and doesn’t take no for an answer.


It is very hot on Uganda's music scene. On this hot afternoon, I was sitting at DV8, waiting for Uganda's ragga/benga sensation, Red Banton. Suddenly, I see a flash of red and I strain my eyes for a better look.

Fred Hunter

Born in 1977, in Makindye, I could say I started singing and dancing at the tender age of 2. While in school, I was in the school choir and was also good at the base drums.

Ganja Farmer

I started singing in 1989 by doing Club D.Jing and Raping as M.C Norman with MM disco by that time there was only MM and Segico disco. 1990 I denied Missouri disco. In Maganjo with did put me on market

Gentle king

Standing at 5.2 feet tall Afro-beat dancehall artist comes through as a talkative musician who after slight interrogation sounds as assiduous as the word itself.


Gertrude Mukyasha Ngama

Meet Getrude Mukyasha Ngama, a Rwandese Gospel musician born in June 1964. She has been singing since 1984. She writes most of her songs most of which are for praise and worship. She is inspired by the present situations, those she has passed through in her life, what God has done for her.

Grace Nakimera

Grace has gone through her trials and tribulations as part of the trio Grace, Gatimo and Paragon of “Ani akumanyi” (who knows you) fame. After the trio split she went silent for a while and she’s came back with a hit “Anfukula” that’s been doing its round on Uganda’s radio scene for a while now and has just released “Kiba Kuki”. She’s now all grown up a focused business woman as .....


It looks that the entertainment industry is finally growing and revolving for the better, now artists and getting managers, promoters, booking agents and record deals. Like his name GNL Zamba states “Greatest of No Limits” has currently signed a 30 million recording deal with Platinum Records under the directorship of Shadrack.

Halima Namakula

We, the 80’s kids (as many would like to refer to us) grew up dancing to “Ekimbewo” by Halima Namakula. The strokes were not so complicated just touching the head and waist, wow this was a household song. Besides being known as “Miss Kimbewo” she is also referred to as the “The Mother of all artists”. 

Harriet Magezi

My name is  Harriet Nanyanzi Magezi. I am a Ugandan based in Kampala aged 29. I am a Christian married to Pastor Joshua Magezi from Kibuli Miracle Centre Church. We have two beautiful girls called Praise Jeminah and Blessed Deborah and one handsome boy called Shammah.

Hameem Hassan

Born 26 years ago, Hameem Hassan is the 2nd born of six children and attended Uganda Martyrs primary school, Buziga Islamic Theological institute, Kyambogo University and is a graduate in Journalism, Mass communication at UMCAT in Kampala.
Harry2 Lwanga

Harry2 Lwanga is a humble soft-spoken bass guitarist for the Black and Blue Jazz band, which performs every Tuesday at Kelly’s Pub in Nakasero. He has been playing bass guitars for 10 years but also plays drums and rhythm guitar.

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