Welcome to our 'Individual artistes'' page. Featured here are Uganda's music solo artists in all their diversity in alphabetical order


Michael Ross

After successfully making a debut track 'Senorita' that took him to great heights, Michael Ross Kakooza came through with another release titled 'You're the one'

Mickey Wine

Mention the word Firebase crew/government and what might immediately ring in your mind is its president Bobi Wine. However out of Fire base and making his steady rise in Uganda’s music ranks is the firebase Government’s newly appointed minister of information and baby brother to Bobi Wine.


Momo MC is one of the founder members of Bataka Underground. You all know Bataka, if you don't, then I suggest that you.  Back to the subject! Momo is what I'd term in my own words "Entrepremusician".

Mon MC

Meet Simon Semogere a.k.a “Mon MC, a “Luga-flow artist, Mon MC describes himself as a down to earth person, co-operative and a God-fearing person. He started his musical journey in 1999 after being inspired by Chagga. He released his first single in 2005.  Between 1999 and 2005 he was still looking for the rap style and recording was not easy at the time.


Mowzey a.k.a Moses Sekiboogo Nakintife, the man behind the common “Jennifer” has now hit the air waves with yet another track (there are more out there) “Sweet Lady”

Mr Hush

Mr. Hush is going up the ranks as one of Uganda's contemporary dancehall artists. He sounds a lot like Shaggy and was one of the curtain raisers at his show this year.

Mr X

Last week, a blow hit the Ugandan Music scene when Mr X was announced dead. Mr X came to be known onto the music scene in 2002 when he featured in a collaboration with Jose Chameleone called Baby Gal. He took off some years for school and later joined Goodlyfe. He later left Goodlyfe with Gift Ov Khaddo formed the Khaddo Pharm. This week Music Uganda will pay tribute to Mr X. We will bring you some of Mr.X’s Music content. He will be missed


M-trinity, an urban contemporary artist whose real names are Marvin Kamoga Trinity, best describes himself as a sociable, polite and an approachable person.


Mun*G has been in the rap game for some time, to many he came to be known by many after he released “Oh my Goodness”. His latest “Kyaba Too God” has earned him a lot of recognition from the corporate world earning him deals in major campaigns like the recent “Kyaba too Good Airtel Campaign.”  Mun*G has become a household name in the entertainment industry and clearly there is no turning back.


Hey, welcome to Munnogy, the album and the personality. Personality – He is 21 years old, doing hip-hop music. He started doing music in 1989 as a dancer at six years old. By 1996,


Did I say man of Mystery? Yeah that’s me. I started music back in the day at the age of 14 yrs that’s actually when I wrote my first rap lyrics. My main inspiration was from my man Nastradamus ‘Nas’ who to this day inspires me.


The project fame semi finalist Naava is finally out with her fist single entitled, "Aliba Waani" Naava has been busy writing and recording material for her yet untitled 2011 album. She has written about 12 tracks for her album and has a host of producers incuding Michael Fingaz, Legend P, Charlie King and new comer Davi. Most of the album is being crafted at Fenon Records.

Namu Lwanga

Namu was born and reared in Uganda and has been performing since she was a child. She is a musician, singer, dancer (and chereographer), storyteller, playwright, and actress.

Ndagire Sarah

Ndagire is one of Uganda’s outstanding female performers. She performs different styles of music namely; world fusion, zouk & Ugandan contemporary/pop. She is a composer, dancer, storyteller, actor and a lover of culture.

Nicky Nola

The last time we wrote about Nicky Nola was like... two years ago? Well, now he's back with a good explanation why he's been out of touch; a new record!

Nince Henry

Songstress Juliana and pen master Nince Henry of the “Cinderella” fame have gotten in a bitter disagreement over “sikyakaba” song. Nince Henry after becoming a well known song writer following the success of “Omukwano Gunyuma”, Minzani”, Biroowozo” among others was approached by Juliana’s manager Eddie Ndawula to at least write Juliana a few songs and “Kanelage”, an Afrobeat and “Sikyakaba”, a Ballad are the songs he wrote for the “Sanyu lyange” artist.

Omulangira Suuna

When you speak of sheer vocal ability and audio and visual  production talent, you’ll have hard pressed not to think about the ever enterprising pearl of Africa music award winning artist Omulangira Suuna. He together with Moses Radio and Weasle won last year’s ward for the song of the year category for their song Nakudata which he produced at his Maureen studios.

Opha Kayiira

It's not everyday that you'll find someone who is brave enough to do Philly Lutaaya's songs. It's not so much about the stature of the icon who wrote those songs. Its more to do with the fact that there are


Am Nixon Katabira  Godfrey, Ugandan by nationality born in 19 Sept 1984 at Lugazi (Mukono District), am a born again Christian , song writer ,singer and a owning a growing Recording studio in Jinja ( producer in LOVE ALL RECORDZ ) I started music in 1995 in primary, in 1997 I started writing my own songs till now.

Oscar Muwonge.

Oscar has been in the music industry for a very long time but he first came into limelight after the release of the “Murembo” video ever since then he as been a household name either through song writing or his own music. He has just released a new video Tuzaale Baby”

Paddy Dee

Born to Mr Apollo Kiwanuka and the late Bossa Nanono Magret, Paddy Dee is Uganda born UK Based artist come proprietor Nangabo Productions which is a company that deals in audio production, entertainment business and designs. Paddy Dee traveled to the UK in 1996 and pursued a sound engineering course at Lushian College before turning into a top Uk Disk Spinner and MC in 1999.

Pastor Okudi George

Pastor George Okudi has done us proud. The super-charismatic pastor beat the South Africans and Congolese to become Africa’s best Male artist at a glamorous occasion, which had performances

Paul Ashley


Paul Kato Lwanga is a talented artiste that is not new to the Ugandan music scene. He is a down to earth, simple human being and he loves sharing every experience so others can learn from them

Paul Kafeero

With deep sorrow, the family, fellow musicians, friends and fans announce the death Prince Paul Kafeero who passed - on today, Thursday, 17th May, 2007 at 8:30 AM at Mulago Hospital.

Paul Mutebi

Mutebi is now pursuing a solo career and is based in Minneapolis Minnesota. You can read a previous article about him below and more information is available at www.paulmutebi.com

Peter Miles

Born 29th September 1980, Peter Miles a.k.a. Peter Kanyike Miles has established himself as Ragga-Dancehall King. He atteneded BudoJuniorPrimary School formerly known as Kabinja

Phillip Nyehangane

Phillip Nyehangane is a 27-year-old super active energetic artist who has been around since 1990. He is a Munyankore born in Rwampara, Mbarara but is now resident in Kampala.

Philly Lutaaya

Phillip Bongoley Lutaaya, born October 1951 (a year before Ignatius Musaazi formed Uganda’s first political party Uganda National Congress) to Mr Tito and Mrs Jastin Lutaaya in Mengo (the seat of the Buganda Kingdom from where he hailed), Kampala was literarily born into urban life.

Pricilla Kalibala

Bursting onto the Ugandan music scene in a big way with her successful G-Power show in 2005, Priscilla Kalibala had already been treating appreciative audiences to her catchy afro-beat melodies for several years prior to that, and has a loyal fan base to prove it.

Princess a.k.a Miss Confidence

Coming from  royal family in Rwanda, she’s physically slim thanks to her earlier sojourn as a Nairobi based model and magazine cover girl ,speaking as saw machine speed, with wacky humor and a surround friendly charm here comes one of the ladies standing out in an industry mainly patronized by the males to bring out her musical whole through the records ...

Princess Faridah Zalwango Ndausi

Music Uganda recently met Princess Faridah Zalwango Ndausi and she tells us about her love for singing, acting and radio presenting. Faridah born in Muyenga prefers to describe herself as hardworking and confident.

  Prossy Kankunda

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