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Real names are David Busingye. He describes himself as an artist, someone who loves traveling reading books, experiencing different lifestyles because he believes music comes from experiences.


Qute Kaye

Qute is one of the leading upcoming artists on the music scene that could be all over your radio and TV this year. On Christmas Day 2004, he was crowned Mr. Sabrina's Pub and won a recording deal for a whole album at Hope Mukasa's Bavava Studios and 150,000/- after

Rachael Kiwanuka

Well, our crew landed on this lady, we were all amazed by her voice and her outstanding sense of style. (The endless head clothes). It led to many wondering what she always hides insides.  Anyway we had a one on one with her and this is what she had to say about herself.

Rachael Magoola

Rachael Magoola, a Ugandan singer now based in the UK, formerly a member of The Afrigo Band is set to perform with Claude Deppa, a celebrated South African trumpeter at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, on March 10th, 2005. She is going to be a guest performer in a musical collaboration

Rachel Magoola: Busoga's Music Diva and Ambassadress

Ragga Ben

Most of the time in the Ugandan music industry, when a song goes down well with the people and hits big, most of the time many will think the artist responsible for the song is perhaps new on the block which is not seldom the case as many for whom such happens have been at it for a while but perhaps they were not applying the right formula for the Ugandan...

Ragga Dee

 Ragga Dee is fond of making hyper dance videos and this has become recognized as his style. These go well with his party music and though he is a little chubby, you cant say he doesn't have the moves. He is arguably one of the most successful Ugandan artists and at this rate

Rah P

A cigarrette once almost brought her trouble at the entrance of club silk.This after a confrotation with an obsessed fan that wanted to share the “stick”with her.She's much light skinned,dons a baby face yet with such stern looks between her dark brown eyes. Meet eastafrican hiphop's First lady Rah p.

Red Bunton

People know me as Red Banton. Banton started way back in '94 when I started out performing. I used to sing Buju Banton songs at parties. At that time I was from my village in Masaka and I had two shirts, my favorite was the red one. They used to call me Kamyufu meaning


Richard Paul Kaweesa treated his music fans to over three hours of live band music at club rouge last Thursday. The launch that also acted as the unveiling started at 6pm with media personalities in abundance saw Richy perform all his songs like temptation, that day among others.
Ridim K

Born Isaac Juuko Kagga on 5th January 1982, Ridim K's parents knew right from an early age that he was gonna be a musicians. He started music at St. Paul Kitagobwa Pri. Sch were he was in the school's choir. During his stay in the choir, he learned playing drums, xylophones, adungu and dancing traditional dances like the Lunyege and Entogoro...

Ritah Kigozi

The Music Industry in Uganda may be competitive but when it comes to beauty, being sexy, great dancer and musical voice all combined, Ritah Kigozi has few rivals,...

Ritah Sabiti

She is a producer, a songwriter, she sings mellow and she is so good at what she does that she teaches music at The Kampala Music School. Everyone in the guitar circles knows that no one strums those things like she does!


Many will Remember the lanky and Hunky Roger Banya a.k.a Roge’ as the gyrating male dancer in the defunct Shadow’s angels under the man formerly known as the shadow (Now Simply known as Roger Mugisha)

Robert Ssimbwa

He was born to late Mr. Mutumba and Edisa Nalyeiso of Singo, Masindi district Uganda. At the age of five his aunt who is a techear took him to Busoga region stay with her, Rev Fr Wynand picked interest in him and invited him to stay with him at Kamuli Catholic Parish within a community of boys and girls.

Rocky Giant

Rocky has followed up on his Rafiki release with 'Gwa baras' which is precise fusion of Contemporary Ugandan ragga and Hip-hop music. This is a phenomenon that has helped to establish him as one of the top upcoming artistes.

Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja has been described by many of his fans as the only man that can write what a woman truly feels or what a man feels about her. He is reckoned as one of the best Luganda lyrists that Uganda has today and has many songs to show for it.


Ronem has already recorded his first two songs- Party time and ‘Ndagga kyoli' meaning show me what you are. Recorded from one of the best hip hop producers we have in Uganda , ‘MMC' Moses Sabiti in Little Red Studios, Party time is a hip hop reggae song talking about parting

Ronnie Banton

I hope you have heard ‘Kawuna’, one of the many songs the hit Kampala like a storm, Music Uganda had a 1 on 1 with the man behind this ‘tune’ as he may prefer to call it.  He talks about his solo projects (he is still a member of the City limit Crew)


Ronnie Kavuma

Now, for those who do not know Ronnie well, this guy really loves music. During his High school days at Busoga College Mwiri, his schoolmates referred him to as Hammer after MC Hammer,

  Saint CA

Sami K

Sami-K is a man with a mission.

A “JOURNEY MAN” he says. Like most singers/song writers, this 30 year old artiste is keen to tell his lyrical content to all who listen.

Sarah Zawedde

Last year, we were given a taste of what this songstress can do. Everyone was fawning about her voice and making comparisons to Patra, the songstress from the 90s. Her dancehall style and strong vocals all served to push Sara Zawedde up that apex.

Seba Mamba

Many Ugandans who have been here for some time will remember the song, Sexy Black Mamba. It has an unforgettable beat that takes one back to the days of their childhood, when life was gay.


It’s rare to come across a musician, Writer and at the same time a film and music editor but Shakeem Lubega a.k.a Sensa is one guy who does the four in their appropriate time for his survival. The second born of 5 children, Sensa was born 23 years ago to Mrs Rehema Namudu and the late Ismail Lwanga and is a graduate with an advanced Diploma in software engineering at Uptech institute.

Shane Denis Cassette

Cassette a.k.a Ssendagire Denis son of Janet Tusabomu and the late Kepha Kabenge R.I.P. was inspired to sing by the parents and started singing in Sunday school and was the first youngest person to perform on UTV in 1988. He has just  released song “Komawoeno”  


Real Names: Sheebah Karungi

Joined Obsessions in April 2007 and left in Dec 2009. She began music professionally when she joined obsessions before she was a dancer in Stingers.

  Silver Kyagulanyi

Simon Base.

To many young Ugandan music enthusiasts the Name Simon Base Kalema might just sound strange and to others he might only be known for his hilarious drama roles with Uganda’s most popular theatre outfit the Ebonies, but for those that’ have followed Uganda’s urbane contemporary music industry since its infancy in the early nineties then they are well aware of the name .....


I am a Northern Ugandan artist based in Kampala by the name of Ocan K. Simon Peter aka Peter Simocank. I was born in Gulu to Mr. M.K Eriasafu and Naome Angut, on the 16th October 1977.

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