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Sista Margla

At first sight, you’ll think of her as a reserved individual thanks to her almost kindergarten smile but sit her down and bring about her favorite conversation (dancehall music) and you’ll have gotten her started. Like a jukebox she’ll throw lots of wild banter at you, you might as well regret having ever started it all.


Meeting Sizza for the very first time you'll have hard pressed not to think he's quite a cheeky character. He excludes a visibly stubborn look and indeed his banter is seldom about joking about this and that. Watch him get to work and you'll realize he moves sort of like on focus. After going through his trials and tribulations that saw him abandon his music career for a year and then later leaving the famous firebase ...


Sleek a.k.a Ronald Batanda is an upcoming Ugandan musician of 20 years born 1st May 1983.
He writes his own music and he is motivated by the situations, events or happenings in life

  Slook Slook

Smash and Ceaserous

It takes at least five years for an average Ugandan artist to hold a mega concert but the new musical duo Smash and Ceasorous proved to critics that in music, anything is possible provided one has the talent.....

  Small Axe
  Sol Dre


Solomon Isanka also known as Solo  is an R&B artiste, vocalist and song writer whose talent and potential can be witnessed in his first single “Tugenda Keesa” produced at Buzz studios in Muyenga by producer Kingsley.Solo’s first album, for which no name has been suggested yet, is still in production. The first single off the album, “Tugenda Keesa” is a great breakthrough track that.....

  Ssaali Hytham
Steve Jean

 Steve has been chosen to produce the group on the TV show, Coca cola popstars. After the massive successes of "MWANA GWE" and "OSOBOLA OTYA", Steve's new single "USI OGOPE" is set to rock you all once again. New Singles from Romeo - Sure deal, Titi, Dorothy Bukirwa - Nubian Queen and Cinderella.


When you listen to this kid for the first time you can mistake him for Sweet Kid. The voices are slightly the same and the kind of music is similar.  But as the song goes on you are able to tell the differences.  When asked why he imitates Sweet Kid he says he is his favorite Ugandan Artist.

Suzan Kerunen

A Ugandan singer who writes and performs African Contemporary music in local Ugandan languages like Alur (mother tongue), Kiswahili, English and other world languages. Suzan Kerunen started her career as a young girl with her two sisters in an all girl group Soul of Africa. She later went on to launch her solo career with her ...

  Sweet Kid
  Sylvia Kyansuti
Tempra Omona

Disaster has refused to seize in the northern part of Uganda. Last week, it reached its peek when LRA (Lords Resistance Army) rebels attacked various parts of G

  The Mith
Tickie - Tah

His real names are Joseph Luwagga.  He sings dancehall gospel music and he is a member of the “Gagamell Entertainment”. 

  Til Menshan
  Tito Murwanga Sembatya


Toniks a.k.a Allan Ampaire chose the name Toniks with a friend called Norbert. Toniks is from Tones and Semi Tones. Songs are created from tones. He did not want to create names from animals, cars or cut his name short. (his name cannot be cut short, Toniks is unique.

  Tony Senkebeje

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