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Achilla Orru

Achilla Orru, a blind, Ugandan-born musician is a master of the lokembe, or thumb piano, and is regularly heard on CBC Radio. During a recent visit to Uganda, Achilla was awarded the title of "King of the Lukembé". Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Achilla has developed an international reputation for his kalimba (lukembé) playing.

Afande Lanek

His name is Denis Lanek born on 31stMarch 1986 to the Late Stella and Sevarino Lanek, he went to Mango Tree Nursery School for my Nursery, Mbuya Army’s School, St. Kizito Primary School, Jack and Jill Primary School, Homesdallen boarding and Primary School and Rubaga Boys Primary School.

Allen Majara

Allen would like to describe herself as the kind of person, who easily gets exited, has a bad temper that doesn’t last, little things in life make her happy and she is very principled. Allen does different genres of music but at the moment she is concentrating inspirational music. She would not like to call her music gospel because it’s often put in corner; she leaves it to the listener....

Angel Kiganda

Angel Kiganda is a composed lady creating quite a buzz on Uganda’s entertainment scene with some hot new rhythms both on Television and Radio. Music Uganda caught up with her on the 411.

Angella Kalule

Major things appear to be set on the horizon for Angela Kalule as she turns away from singing drowsy ballads to exciting pop music. The 28-year-old soprano, recently released a couple of singles

Angela Katatumba

With her single 'Sikyetaga' featuring Reggae star Bebe Cool, Alyri ngela has now bounced back into the limelight with her new single 'it’s for you Gulu'.

Antonio Bukhar

We met Antonio while in G-Force, he would spin and you would feel sorry for the hand. He came to gain more public attention when he competed and won the just ended Hot Steppers thus being crowned as “Hot Stepper”. Antonio Bukhar has finally stopped dancing to other people’s songs and he is going to dance to his own music.

Ayton Yoz

2009 Seems to be a cutthroat type year for Uganda’s music recording industry because judging from the quality of records being released one can easily judge that it will surely be quite a competitive year at this years’ Pam Awards. One of those artists already showing gigantic skills is the laid back recording artist Ayton Yoz.


The hip hop genre is indisputably on the rise and set to take over Ugandan music scene, but this doesn’t come easy as explains rapper Babaluku, who laid the lugaflow (singing in native language luganda) foundation. Babaluku is the founder and head of the Bavubuka all stars, an initiative that oversees promising hip hop artists who have the ability to lay out the rightful ...

Baby S

Because of her busy schedule as a responsible family woman as well as business lady running her own ladies saloon as a professional hair stylist, meeting the ever flamboyant recording artist Baby ace was quite hectic because she’s always attending to many of her clients that are seldom booking for hair styling time.


Bagzy started his music career in 2004 during his senior three at St. Marks Secondary school. Bagzy and a number of young friends did Karaoke and free style at school gigs.  Bagzy was born Baguma Edward and has just completed his studies this year at Kyambogo university he says he is a new face on the hip-hop industry but...


Playing instruments has for long been regarded as another flippant profession but Baka, one of the finest instrumentalists in the region gives us an insight about the whole drumming profession in an exclusive interview. Baka is a Ugandan percussionist who realized his strength in playing the “Bougarabou” drum which is originally from West Africa.


Bobi Wine is arguably the most popular recording artist out of the Firebase Government that consists of a full cabinet with ministers of different portfolios. So who takes cares of the government’s defense ministry you may ask? It’s Banjoman an acclaimed recording artist holding his own in Uganda’s recording industry. You might mistake his rough demeanor, however on close ...

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool has, after a run as the notorious bad boy of Ugandan music, finally turned around. Knowing his attention grabbing antics from the past five years, it had to


Bella” whose real name is Barbara Ndagire, happens to be one of the latest and hottest upcoming female entertainers. She went to Kitante Primary School, Makerere College School, Mengo Senior School for her education and is currently pursing a degree in Secretarial Studies at Makerere University.

Betty Mpologoma

It is not unlike Betty Mpologoma, but the Ugandan love music diva has been making more headlines lately than we are actually used to. The adorable songstress who has maintained such a positive image in Ugandan music spoke to Abbey Boris Mugerwa about where she thinks her music career is headed to.


Blackman Uncle Rich

I'm someone who doesn't like to explain lyrics, only because my brain is stuck in transition between French and English in that every time I write anything in English, I try to watch out that it's not written in English French (writing an English phrase in French), if you see what I mean. And it arrives often to people with notions of several different languages.

Bob King

Born in the early 70's in Lodwor islands in Kenya, Bob King never had a chance to live with his parents. Bob was born to a traveler father who had a very short affair with his mother and left her pregnant.

Bobi Wine

"The world is looking for somebody to do something, not explain why he did not.

Brian Marley

I was born in 1979 in Jinja town (hospital) in Eastern Uganda. Both of my parents are now deceased. My primary years were spent in both Jinja and Kampala in Schools like Wanyange Primary School and Kiswa Primary School respectively.

Butcher Man
Buti Knight

Butika Ian is my name. I'm also known as Buti Knight. I was born in Uganda, Kampala in 1980 to Mr. and Mrs. Butika. My family is not big; Josephine and I are the only children to our parents.

Ceaser Sta

Ceaser Sta (Real names Rash Ceaser Muwereza) born and raised in Entebbe, Uganda. He is currently based in Spain where he is producing and running his own music production. He is currently on SoundScapes Inc. of Spain. Ceaser Sta currently sings hip-hop music.

Click here to read more about Ceaser Sta


He describes himself as an all rounder when it comes to music to me I think he might come near to the real definition of a musician. He continues to say he is a simple God fearing and friendly to all classes of people.


Joseph Mayanja a.k.a ‘Chameleone', some people have even gone further to shorten it to ‘Chamili’ (Chameleon, no offence). To most people in Uganda when it comes to music, this is their Michael Jackson.

Chance Nalubega

She has been in the music industry since the age of ten and has released four albums during her career so far. These include some of her biggest hits like; “Guma Omwoyo, Bichipuli, Omwoyo Guluma” and many more. Her albums are recorded in Kasiwukira Studios and Lusin Enterprises.

Charlie Ti Wanditi

Charlie Ti Wanditi is a gospel artist from Uganda who was nominated for Best Male Artist from East Africa 2005 in the KORA Awards.


Many fans that might not know him too well will easily mistake him as a new face on the Ugandan music industry scene. However, wait a minute! He’s been at it for the past 15 years only that his stint for many a year in London wiped him off the Ugandan music industry scene for a while even though he continued ....


I was watching late-show and Straka said that Cindy was back and has a hot jam with P-Square. The next day I moved the whole of Wilson Road (Everything is always somewhere on this street, you can never fail) looking for that song. But waaa….. It was no where. Till I had to look for this lady’s number and she said it is actually there but it’s not yet out. We have a followed this lady’s life right the Coca-Cola Popstars right to Blu 3. (Click here to read about her life with Blu 3.)


Cleopatra Koheirwe is perhaps the only Diva to engage herself in all three media related issues as she is able to entertain the readers through writing with African Woman magazine, entertain the audience through acting, and listeners through songs. I caught up with the ever Jolly Cleo at her work place and we both discussed a few things transpiring in her life.

Clever J

He's style is as aggressive as his video features, He has gone through the storms of tasks creating an identity after many fans and tabloids referred to his sound as similar to an artist that had used it for over  decade. But I guess at the end of the day what matters are whether the fans are digging it. He's not so synonymous with Uganda’s party scene so bumping into him on an average night but can be compared ...

Crean Ray

My name is Crean Ray aka Hussein Omar, a gospel Hip-hop artist. I have been singing ever since I was a kid of about 5 years old. I used to sing with my young brother Dickson who is now at Makerere University. Am also at Makerere studying development studies.

Culture Man

If you have been to the Jam at the Theatre, you have probably been intrigued by the antics of the longhaired lean man at the back, playing guitar and providing the backbone of the different songs on stage. You have got a taste of Culture Man.

Cyrus the Virus

The rare name strikes people as odd and they tend to wonder who this guy is. Born Cyrus Kawalya on the 11th September '81 to a quite well of family at the time, Cyrus' struggles were yet to begin.

Daniel Mutyaba

Daniel Mutyaba, a Ugandan reggae artist based in Sweden is scheduled to launch his 'Uganda - Pearl of Africa' CD on Thursday 13th May. This album features tracks like Solome Wadawa, Sverige Farval. Bob Marley - the one and only, Omukwano Muzibu, No mother of mine and the title track, Uganda - the pearl of Africa.


My name is David Richard Lumu ‘Daudy’. I am 25yrs old and a Ugandan student pursuing a course in the Association of charted certified accountants (ACCA0. I started singing way back in Sunday school.

Dennis the Menace

Many of us have grown up seeing Dennis the Menace a.k.a Dennis Mawanda presenting African Rhythms.  Well here is another side of him. He is a musician and he has been for a long time apparently.

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