Richard Kawesa UK Radio seeks Ugandan Gospel Artists
Date : 20/05/2006
Genre : Gospel Hip-Hop
Station :Willis Broadcasting Norfork, UK

Greetings Music Uganda,

My name is Ju Joyner, National Program Director for Willis Broadcasting.

I am going to get str8 to the point. There is a major lack of publicity for Gospel Hip-Hop, and that has to change.

I have been playing Gospel Hip-Hop for 2 weeks now on our Home Station that carries my Morning Show (WGPL 1350) Norfolk, VA.

They had never played Hip-hop on the station ever!!!! I went through so much to get it done, but thank God it was a Success.

I want to take it a step further. I want to feature you, your artist, or a buddy you know who is a gospel hip-hop artist on my Brand-New Podcast "the ju joyner show"

I will be featuring nothing but Gospel hip-hop artists as well as spoken word artists.

There is nothing to pay at all. I would just need to get an interview with the artist and their music.

Interested? Hit me up ASAP so we can get this ball rolling in the name of Jesus!!!!!

Ju Joyner