Babaluku, the Lugaflow pioneer by Isaac Ssejjombwe

The hip hop genre is indisputably on the rise and set to take over Ugandan music scene, but this doesn’t come easy as explains rapper Babaluku, who laid the lugaflow (singing in native language luganda) foundation. Babaluku is the founder and head of the Bavubuka all stars, an initiative that oversees promising hip hop artists who have the ability to lay out the rightful message with a slogan “Akaffe Kabatuze,” Bavubuka all stars, aims at conquering the regional and the global music scene with the lugaflow.

Born to a Godly family of late renowned Pastor Deo Balabaekubo (RIP) and Mrs Christine Balabaekubo, 27 year old Silas Balabyekubo aka Babaluku is a graduate of sound engineering from British Colombia academy in Vancouver. Babaluku kick started his music career way back in 1994 laying the foundation of Hip Hop in Uganda. Babaluku traveled to the US to learn more about Hip hop and after acquiring some experience, he bounced back in 2001 with Bavubuka all stars as the next music generation. The legend, as he prefers to be called is in plans of launching four albums namely Lugaflow revolution, Bataka squard, Bulaya and Tujababya by Sabasaba.  But why does Babaluku have to stick to doing this type of music in a Kidandali music-dominated Uganda?

Babaluku argues that hip hop is the only type of music that carries message “ I do this music because I get inspiration and it’s the only way I can express myself .” But beyond that, Babaluku clearly states that Hip Hop is his ‘first love.’ Lack of sponsorship deals and limited airplay on Radio and Television stations are some of the challenges faced by Babaluku and the Hip Hop fraternity in Uganda. But the challenges Hip Hop has faced all the way, as told by Bababluku, these seem minor and are about to totally diminish.

Being inspired by Wycliffe, Talib and Philly Lutaya, tells Babaluku’s determination, hope and discipline and urge to convey a message. “Because I’m the pioneer of the lugaflow, I pose a challenge many musicians, but one thing for sure, my music is an exhibition of maturity” Bbabaluku said. He’s not only a good artist but also a good song writer. He has written lyrics for the likes of Benon and Vampos as well as a couple of other hip hop singers.  Babaluku has been in a couple of countries across the globe. He has been to countries like U.S.A, Canada, London, Germany among others.  And whats a job without rewards? Babaluku has scooped a couple of accolades including the 2007 Buzz Teenz award. PAM Award nominations, winning two awards for best audience and documentary in Diamonds in the Rough Film and speaking at a movie premier at Woodrow Senate centre in Washington. Babaluku has also received a couple of PAM award nods, and he won two accolades for best audience and documentary in a movie titled Diamonds in the Rough. Babaluku also had a chance to speak at a movie premier at Woodrow Senate centre in Washington.

But its not accolades that make Babaluku an achiever, he sights performing before a 70,000-people-audience at a concert dubbed Power to the peaceful held in San Francisco.  With vision, loyalty, self esteem, education and focus, Babaluku believes many upcoming artists will make it in the industry and having the pioneer by their side; the sky is definitely the limit.

Babaluku opens up

We have known Babaluku from his Luga-flow hip-hop. He opens up to Music Uganda about his music, the current state of the hip-hop industry and the famous Bavubuka Foundation. Babaluku would prefer to describe himself as a community activist, entrepreneur, very innovative, visionary, nice to people and a people person.